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The Perfect Way To Slice a Pizza 282

iamapizza writes "New Scientist reports on the quest of two math boffins for the perfect way to slice a pizza. It's an interesting and in-depth article; 'The problem that bothered them was this. Suppose the harried waiter cuts the pizza off-center, but with all the edge-to-edge cuts crossing at a single point, and with the same angle between adjacent cuts. The off-center cuts mean the slices will not all be the same size, so if two people take turns to take neighboring slices, will they get equal shares by the time they have gone right round the pizza — and if not, who will get more?' This is useful, of course, if you're familiar with the concept of 'sharing' a pizza."

Super-Earths Discovered Orbiting Nearby, Sun-Like Star 242

likuidkewl writes "Two super-earths, 5 and 7.5 times the size of our home, were found to be orbiting 61 Virginis a mere 28 light years away. 'These detections indicate that low-mass planets are quite common around nearby stars. The discovery of potentially habitable nearby worlds may be just a few years away,' said Steven Vogt, a professor of astronomy and astrophysics at UCSC. Among hundreds of our nearest stellar neighbors, 61 Vir stands out as being the most nearly similar to the Sun in terms of age, mass, and other essential properties."

Comment Re:If this is true... (Score 1) 505

From your own article reference:

Many security researchers agree that Windows operating systems will always be more vulnerable to malware. That’s because the vast majority of PC owners are Windows users, and that gives “the bad guys” greater economic incentive to attack Windows systems.

Thus, even though Windows 7 ships with more built-in security features than Apple’s Mac OS X, the Mac is still safer because fewer malicious hackers are targeting the less-popular platform.

Google Releases the SDK For Version 1.6 of Android 69

Qwavel writes "This release includes improvements to the Android Market, the Search Framework, and Text-to-Speech. It now has support for more screen resolutions and CDMA phones. Android 1.6 is based on v2.6.29 of the Linux kernel and is expected in phones that will be available next month. The mystery of Android 1.6, however, is Google's continued unwillingness to commit to a Bluetooth API and any Bluetooth functionality beyond the basic audio functions."

Comment I run Spotify in the US ;) (Score 1) 130

I signed up for an account using a UK-based anonymous proxy site, and entered a valid UK postal code (which I got from a postal code lookup site). I use a free UK proxy server to run the application. As far as Spotify is concerned, I live in the UK and run Spotify from inside the UK. Fortunately I signed up while the UK still didn't need an invite to get an account.

Comment Re:issue people new SSNs every year (Score 1) 505

The SSA needs to implement a system that links a password to your SSN. You would be able to go to ssa.gov and generate a temporary password off your SSN that expires in a few days (of course you would have to input a lot of your personal info before it would allow you to generate a password). This password could be given to creditors/businesses along with your SSN for purposes of a credit check and/or establishing identity, and it would do a lot to prevent identity theft. I don't know how difficult or expensive it would be to implement this, but I think the benefits would be well worth it.

Comment Re:Sigh (Score 1) 757

I can almost hear the words of denial from the Mac Fanboys already. I can't hear the exact words, but I can sense the general whine.

The Mac Fanboys should actually be happy, because this means their OS is finally getting enough market share to make it worth creating a Mac botnet.

Comment Re:Five minutes too long (Score 1) 852

To me, BSG was really a cautionary tale about the implications that technology can have on a society. The show's recurring theme was "all this happened before and all this will happen again." It was necessary to have that last scene of present day Earth and our current advances in robotics technology in order to show that we could be on the same path as the humans that created the Cylons.

Small Asteroid On Collision Course With Earth 397

musatov writes "There's talk on The Minor Planet Mailing List about a small asteroid approaching Earth with a 99.8% probability of colliding. The entrance to the Earth's atmosphere will take place October 7 at 0246 UTC (2:35 after this story goes live) over northern Sudan, releasing the energy of about a kiloton of TNT. The asteroid is assumed to be 3-4 meters in size; it is expected to burn up completely in the atmosphere, causing no harm. As a powerful bolide, it may put on quite a show in the sky. For those advanced enough in astronomy to observe, check the MPEC 2008-T50 and MPEC 2008-T64 circulars. NASA's JPL Small Body Database has a 3D orbit view. The story has been already picked up by CNN and NASA."
The Courts

Submission + - Patent Injunction Could Roil Wi-Fi Industry (yahoo.com)

Arguendo writes: From the article: "A little-noticed federal court decision on June 15, issuing an injunction against wireless-LAN equipment vendor Buffalo Technology in its patent fight with the Australian science agency CSIRO, could have broad implications for the entire Wi-Fi industry." CSIRO has sued quite a few other major players in the industry (including Dell and Nintendo) in the same district where the patent was already been held valid and infringed. Now with the injunction order, could this be a Blackberry fiasco all over again but with Wi-Fi?

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