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Comment Re:Last hurrah (Score 1) 174

I'm not really a fan of either approach. I want to mix XBox 360 chocolate with Wii-U peanut butter.

An external USB drive is clunky, not elegant. It's worlds better than a maximum 2GB SD card, though and it's non-proprietary (although I'm sure Wii-U-branded drives are coming).

XBox 360 got it right in that the add-on drive might as well be built in to the unit. But I would much rather have had an enclosure which allows me to buy any standard drive instead. Also, it's not transparent enough. The XBox 360 asks you to select where to save stuff. I don't understand why it should. Either the system shouldn't *care* where stuff is located or if there is a reason it cares, it should make the determination on its own and not bother the user.

Comment Re:Could the summary possibly be more slanted? (Score 1) 530

If the WSJ is excluding details to make a point, it is the epitome of triviality to argue against those points by showing what was excluded. If the WSJ is wrong about something, prove it. Otherwise, just stuff it, because your cheerleading for the NYT at the expense of the WSJ won't convince anyone. Those who are "uniformed idiots" because they read the WSJ certainly won't be convinced (the name calling is a nice touch - really brings people to your way of thinking). And those who already agree with you don't need convincing.

Rational thinkers will not be convinced, and those are the only ones you can possibly hope to sway.

Comment Re:Don't (Score 2) 454

This is what you do:

You give parents and students a piece of paper that says the students are authorized to use the internet, but that the parents and students agree that the student will use it responsibly or will be held responsible for its misuse. Parents and student alike are required to sign.

Then you don't worry about it. If the student(s) abuse the privilege, the parents cannot complain because they not only authorized the use, but agreed that their child would use the resource appropriately.

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