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Comment Re:The actual damages... (Score 1) 647

The victim may have losses that are difficult to document, but no less real. Proving those losses in court could be expensive for victim and perpetrator alike and time-consuming for the court. If a fine is required, it should go to the victim to compensate for any of those types of losses. I see no reason the fine should go to the government.

Fines should be large enough to discourage copyright infringement, but not so large that they encourage lawsuits. If that is not possible, then a fine is not appropriate and some other disincentive should be used.

Comment Re:censoring political content (Score 1) 451

All speech is political.

All governments want to silence their critics. All governments seek to expand their power. Why would you ever give them the power to censor anyone for any reason? Even those bastards who passed the Alien and Sedition Acts had enough sense to have the acts expire during Adams' term so it couldn't be used against them.

Comment Re:Multiple tests give conflicting results (Score 1) 161

It is meant to be non-destructive to the cache.

In all browsers, we can reliably abort the underlying request by changing the src= parameter of the frame as soon as we have a reasonable suspicion we're dealing with a cache miss.

In other words, they don't actually download the files. They request the files to see if the browser starts parsing them within a certain time frame (indicating a cached document). Regardless, they abort the request after that time limit and the document is never cached.

If it did download the files as you suggest, the second and subsequent tests would always give the result that all sites had been visited. The OP and others on the page are reporting different behavior.

I'm seeing occassional transient false positives on Firefox and I'm not really certain how that can be the case.

Assuming the OP is seeing repeated false positives, I would guess he is behind a caching proxy that is caching aborted requests and, after repeated attempts, occassionally getting those documents to the browser faster than the tool can abort the request.

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