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Comment Re:Surely it's already done (Score 1) 215

Besides I haven't lied, some one has already invented fuel cells

Except that you are using deception, and a disingenuine arguement. Yes... someone invented fuel cells. So... the race is over, and I guess all the engineers can go home because there no money there, because it, and apparently everything that even looks a little like it, is upatentable. That's basically what you are saying, isn't it, that its a proverbial or literal crime the patent system is so broken that Apple can take someone elses invention that was already patented, and re-patent it as there own. Wow, what a screwed up world, huh.

Comment Re:Surely it's already done (Score 1) 215

Not my problem; it is your problem that you believe your non-expert opinions are fact. It is your problem that you actually think you know more or know better on this or any subject. It is your problem that you are attempting to engage a thread when from the uninspired beginnings you are completely lacking humility and/or awareness of not understanding something... or worse, attempting to promote something that is clearly false. It is your problem that you begin converstations with ignorant lies, and are disingenuine about your reasons for doing so (as it is obvious you know you are playing a childish game, as only children and low cognative performers find entertainment by using ridiculously obvious deception).

Comment Re:previous and next patents.. (Score 1) 215

That wasn't his post, but since I'm feeling generous, I'll give you another chance. Point out the Apple patents mentioned in his post.

You believe you have a point. Allow me to religuish you of your quite unexamined and false belief. If you wish to suggest that OP is offtopic, that is your perogative. In any case, that is the only way what you are insinuating could be topical... that OP was offtopic, therefore I am offtopic.... and therefore you are offtopic. You may have as well merely posted "My post is off topic, and I will leave you to discovery why yourself." Thanks for wasting time with a completely innacurate, meaningless and inappropriate attempt at indicating a minor pendantic observation... which, again, is incorrect and irellavant. You gonna wait for the comment timer again this time? or log in, coward?

Comment Re:Prior Art ... (Score 1) 215

Calm down, it's just a company, not a religion. Oh wait, it's Apple, carry on.

This isn't Apple, this is Slashdot. Apple is whatever, Slashdot is fucking sacred.... at least until the quality comments are drowned out by the noise of Apple trolls and dullwitted idiots that think they are clever or funny or something. Once the comments turn to shit, Slashdot is nothing. Good job Apple trolls. Not only have you done nothing to effect the change you intended, you've destroyed the only thing worthwhile on the Internet. I, for one, hope you all DIAF.

Comment Re:Prior Art ... (Score 1) 215

Ok, you've just wasted our time again. I implore you to do a little more research in understanding what a patent is, what is patentable, and what prior art is before campeigning against Apple. See... what happens is you appear to be a busy body idiot, lashing out with irrellivant facts... promote facts that are irrellivant to the discussion because it is obvious that you have absolutely no understanding of the subject about which you are commenting. Perhaps you should consider what Wittgenstein said about speaking about that which you know nothing about... he's says you're saying nothing at all. By your twisted and incorrect understanding of prior art, anything that has been conceived or created in the past in general prevents anything specific being patentable. Please stop crapping up Slashdot. kthxbai.

Comment Re:Surely it's already done (Score 4, Funny) 215

Better than that it has already been done http://www.gizmag.com/go/5325/ . Do people at the patent office not know how to Google an idea,

Hello. I for one would like to see your bullet points for "Better than that has already been done." Your comment inspired me to read both articles, and now that I have wasted my time I expect some satisfaction. Just what the fuck are you talking about? Are you suggesting that you know more than the sparse, truncated information written in TFA and in the link you provided? What I would like to know is why the US Patent Office doesn't simply close its doors and forward all applications to you, because apparently you are omnipotent and everyone else is an idiot.

Comment Re:previous and next patents.. (Score 1) 215

it's official, the patent system is just a joke. a computer could generate these patent titles and a monkey could do the write ups.

Yes... but you are well aware you only belive this to be true regarding Apple patents. Except for anything Apple does, the patent system is broken just fine. If Apple tries to use it, then it is broken beyond recognition and just another tool for Apple's world domination. Seriously... Microsoft, Google, Samsung... could pen the same EXACT patent, and no one would care because beating up the retarted pulsy kid just doesn't have the same interest it once did, and it is now a vastly more popular activity to impotently conspire against the star quarterback homecoming king, who got the pro contract and is skipping college... but don't be so quick to judge the jock... that "jock's" accumulated AP credits put them at graduate level technologies... yes, I am saying that compared to everyone else, Apple's devices are now years ahead and no longer have legitimate competition. It only makes sense that Apple would be the first to take a bite at the Apple of unpatented technolgies as they're they ONLY technology manufacturer with a successful brand that could actually, conceivably bring a quality and finished product to market in the near future utilizing this patent. Once you remove your blind hatred of all things Apple (we call this 'bias'), you will see this is true... and its a shame because Apple fans are annoying... but lets not make it about them because... no matter how annoying Apple fans get, it will never effect Apple products.

Comment Re:Prior Art ... (Score 1) 215

I could swear I saw reports of companies building experimental Notebook fuel cells years ago ...

did you? OK, well... in order for your comment to be on topic, you must tell us, please... how exactly is that prior art? I'm afraid that your complete lack of understanding what prior art is does not qualify you for commenting in this discussion. Back up... try again, please. If you must, since this is an Apple-related summary, feel free to troll for karma points.

Comment Re:Post jobs world may be positive (Score 2, Funny) 215

We're talking about a company who tries to stop anyone else making a flat rectangular computing device with a touch screen after all...

The real tragedy is that the moderation system here only goes up to +5 Insightful, because what you just said could be the most original, never before seen, most insightful comment anyone has ever constructed, and I've never seen it repeated here a thousand times before. How did you come up with that all by yourself? We've read your other comments which are quite dull and usually annoying flamebait, unlike this one... be honest... you were coached by someone, weren't you?

Comment Re:Um, no, that's a BAD idea (Score 1) 46

The problem is not necessarily with Siemens

Hackers certainly aren't to blame. Generally ranting here, but what I've seen make headlines is the 'hacker' (definintion in contention) equivalent of waking up one day and finding water all over your bathroom and realizing someone's been in there splashing water everywhere. Besides the overreaction to all it is, which is just annoying and expensive (time) is the overengineering to prevent it from happining again. Serious people seriously doing serious work seriously... we are the easiest marks. These kinds of 'hacks' and interested perpetrators are just as susceptable as the bathroom will always be to breaches using the same bag of tricks against the 'hacker.'

This is why marketing should merge with IT. Using well established PR techniques, and without having to waste time ever expensively fixing code that kind of already works; all that is necessary is to campaign against the personality, individual, group of individuals, activity or even thought of activity that actually utilizing that or any security holes is whatever we say it is. Besides distraction or diversion, another possible stacked method is to draw attention to a scapegoat, and the security researcher (or loosely put, 'hacker') could be used, as could any thing/one. To illustrate an example, if the view of doing anything unorthodox could be coaxed into sharing the reactions to other or all unorthodox activity, then anyone that finds a bug or any activity possible beyond that could share the same public condemnation of the pedophile, date-rapist or whathaveyou. Point being, from a business perspective, manipulating people is far less expensive than manipulating code. IT is all about work smarter not harder. If breaching code can cast a dubious new quality of 'insecure' on a system, then its valid to say that if breaching code were socially uncool enough, individuals wouldn't engage in it anymore. To prevent governments from doing it, the method we know that works involves leaking footage of them relentlessly spying on us, which explains all the water everywhere.

Comment Re:Magnetic Field Operation? (Score 1) 117

Magnetic field this and magnetic field that, I don't see what's so important with Earth's magnetic fields. You can't land a plane on it, can't fight a battle on it, can't plow it, livestock can't graze on it, can't go long for a pass down the center of it and you can't sit on your porch, feet up, admiring the Sun setting behind it.

Anyway, the Earth's magnetic field has nothing to do with molten metal at the Earth's core (like... in the ground? How's it gonna do anything there?). Millennia of historical and scientific observation proves the field is meticulously woven by porpoise, whales, migrating birds, Monarch butterflies, and the compass cartel.

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