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Comment Re:Live CD (Score 1) 161

Even better if you are a little technical, set up a "frugal" boot partition. This will unpack and boot a CD image much faster than booting from CD and when you power down it doesn't keep any state. No viruses survive the reboot.

Since it's on writable media, this is only true until someone writes a more sophisticated piece of malware. The same applies to a Live CD on a CD-RW to an extent. A Live CD on a finalized CD-R really is immutable.

Comment Re:Um, this is news because...? (Score 1) 161

UNLESS you forcibly close that session by closing your browser.

Doesn't help. Web servers do not (and cannot) know when your browser has been closed.

Besides, if the hijacker has done their job properly and you've only ever been communicating with the server you think you're connected to via their proxy, you can't disconnect unless they let you do so.


College Police Think Using Linux Is Suspicious Behavior 1079

FutureDomain writes "The Boston College Campus Police have seized the electronics of a computer science student for allegedly sending an email outing another student. The probable cause? The search warrant application states that he is 'a computer science major' and he uses 'two different operating systems for hiding his illegal activity. One is the regular B.C. operating system and the other is a black screen with white font which he uses prompt commands on.' The EFF is currently representing him."

Dead Birds Do Tell Tales 21

grrlscientist writes "While many natural history museum study skin collections have specimens that are more than 100 years old, most museum tissue collections are very recent — in fact, many were initiated during the 1980s. Due to the perishable nature of tissues, they are expensive to maintain and must be carefully managed and continually replenished. Unfortunately, funding shortages and other considerations have made it more difficult for museums to collect animals as often as they did in the past. Therefore, tissues from both wild and captive animals are limited, particularly those from rare and difficult-to-collect animals, such as lories."
The Internet

Ad Block Plus Filter Maintainer "rick752" Dies At 56 385

A user on Reddit pointed out that Richard "rick752" Petnel, maintainer of one of the most popular filter lists for Ad Block Plus, has passed away at age 56. In an article last year Petnel described a bit of what he was up against in the ad world. "'I'm playing against some pretty big players,' he said, explaining his reluctance to step forward. 'I don't want to be harassed. . . . I don't want to be bribed. I started it because I was frustrated with getting my computer infected from ads -- malware and spyware and all that stuff,' he said. 'I kind of went overboard with it. But you have to admit, it's pretty amazing, right?'" Update 15:05 GMT by SM: updated to reflect Rick's status as maintainer of the most popular Ad Block Plus filter as opposed to Ad Block Plus itself.

Submission + - Security flaws in iPhone CryptoExercise (

WillerZ writes: "Apple's CryptoExercise sample for the iPhone (sorry, link only works if you have an iPhone developer account) uses the SHA-1 algorithm incorrectly, leaving significant security holes. This is a problem given the distinct lack of other documentation on the iPhone security services. You might want to read how I recommend you fix it before modelling your application on it."

Comment Re:IBM is in the computer business now? (Score 1) 132

IEFBR14 is now about 30 years old, and in all that time there have only been 2 bugs reported:
1) IEFBR14 doesn't set a return code; this was reported and fixed about 25 years ago
2) IEFBR14 source contains no comments; this was reported and fixed about 20 years ago

Show me another product which has that kind of bugs/time ratio...

Duke Nukem Forever Due This Year? 251

nz17 writes "Under the original deal, 3D Realms was to receive some $6 million from Take-Two to develop the title. Now the Texas-based developer will receive only $4,250 for the oft-delayed game when it is completed. Just the same, 3D Realms has a fairly large incentive to get Duke Nukem Forever done by the end of the year; Take-Two has offered the studio $500,000 in the form of a promissory note if the game sees commercial release by December 31, 2006."

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