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Comment Re:Meraki Cloud Network is nothing short of amazin (Score 1) 237

Meraki has outdoor access points available, but I think they cost more. Several RV parks here in British Columbia switched to Meraki this summer and have dramatically improved their reliability over their previous systems (purely anecdotal...other than knowing they went to Meraki, I don't know what else they changed or how much "better" it is, I just noticed I could connect consistently and with usable bandwidth, unlike before when it was hit-or-miss).

Comment Re:I got a solution (Score 1) 237

depending on random strangers

You mean like 4G network operators? I guess you must roll your own mobile broadband service.

Getting back to seriousness, most RV campgrounds cost money to stay at, and the money you pay pays for services like Wifi, kinda like the money you pay to Verizon for your 4G. This sounds a lot like what the OP was talking about.

Good luck with your radical self-reliance, though. I hope you have time to weave your own clothes while you're growing your own food and designing your own computers.

Comment Eventually, sure (Score 1) 185

Right now Siri is 4S only, which means the majority of app users (ie, anyone on an iPod Touch, iPad, or pre-4S iPhone) are shut out. When 4S has some more saturation, and the 3G iPod Touch is released (Siri requires always-on connectivity, making it a poor fit for a non-3G Touch), Apple will open a Siri API for developers.

Comment Why don't they just cross-license? (Score 1) 245

I don't understand why Google and Apple don't just sit down and agree to let each other use all their patents. Then they really could compete on the strength of their own innovations, rather than wasting all this money on lawyers. The customers will go to the one who implements the patents better.

Comment Mesh networking? (Score 1) 115

I'd be very interested to see this used for some kind of mesh networking. I suspect it'd be way cheaper to equip every car on the road with some kind of repeater, than it would be to build out a nationwide set of cell towers. Assuming they could address the security (some kind of encrypted tunnelling, maybe), it could be a way for a smaller operator to get into the ISP business.

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