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Comment Re:easy tiger (Score 1) 424

Microsoft won, then lost. I thought this was an obvious interpretation. Microsoft won round 1. Microsoft then laid down and died? That's about how I see it. Anyway, the point I'm attempting to drive home is that Apple's repeated attempts to sell one product to rule them all have failed again. Droid will slowly eat the market to death until Apple is back at square one with manufacturing runs getting smaller and pricing leverage going away as well as developer flight from their walled garden.

Comment Re:easy tiger (Score 1) 424

Microsoft is obviously winning. Why don't you understand that I'm clearly asserting with all my mind, body, and soul that Microsoft, my beloved Microsoft, is the reason why I am of the opinion that Apple is losing the smartphone battle. Nokia and Windows 7 Phone are obviously why I am making that distinction. Obviously red is blue and Apple fanbois are genuine in their pursuit of knowledge.

Comment Re:easy tiger (Score -1) 424

A particle which seeks to magnify its own existence would consume the universe and commit suicide in order to sense something other than itself. There is a fundamental limit to the stability of any monolithic system or even a monolithic personality cult. Apple made two big mistakes, both at the hands of Steve Jobs.
  1. Build the entire computer. Microsoft licensed their product and achieved a place at the heart of the emergent ecosystem. Apple lost.
  2. Build the entire phone. Android licensed their product and is achieving a place at the heart of the emergent ecosystem. Apple is losing.

Steve Jobs never learned a goddamned thing. That is not what I would ever refer to as brilliance, genius, creativity, or even sanity. It was dumb luck. A twice-gone flash in the pan attempt at domination of the entire consumer tech ecosystem. Steve Jobs was a would-be tyrant, arrogant piece of shit. He was so arrogant he didn't even want to treat his cancer. He though he would just get over it.

I'm not particularly disagreeing with anything that has been said. I did think I failed to elaborate on why I have never been impressed with Apple or Steve Jobs. I don't want to be the end-all be-all pundit either. Really, I believe there is more need for moderation on the subject of Steve Jobs.

Submission + - Seeking Distilled Software Engineering Experience ( 1

knapper_tech writes: "I'm a 26-year-old web programmer self-trained in nice MVC based frameworks, including Yii and Django, with their ORM's, well-packaged extensions, database agnosticism and all that other high-minded stuff thrust into a professional track of imperative PHP and MySQL. As usual, believing in high-minded concepts is never quite as informative as witnessing the cascading bugs in haphazardly maintained, undocumented code that never seems to go away and stay with the customer. In addition I get a lot of blown projects by would-be developers in the door. In the spirit of reuse, what are some really good pieces of literature for one to hone their use of the force? I'm not so much asking for logical proofs of why a certain pattern is always better than another, but moreso examples of, "This was the code, this was the fallout, and this was how to decouple it and hook it in properly." I'll be able to pick up the core concepts on my own reading. What I can't duplicate economically (time being priceless) is time spent in the industry. What of course would be most informative is what practices you as a coder hope to find when expecting my code to have a useful lifetime in a code base."

Comment MOD PARENT UP (Score 1) 286

Java is one language. Python is one language. With .Net-like technology, FOSS can invade the windows space like never before. There's the potential to share business logic on everything from Android to XNA. Wake the F*@& up. The growth of cross-platform FOSS breaks down the walls that separate platforms and prevent cross-platform competition from occurring.

The day that FOSS comes up with a totally free CLR and CIL that allows static inclusion of the VM in the binary is they day that people can talk trash about Mono as if FOSS already has a better solution.

Comment Academic Circle-Jerk (Score 1) 741

This test was created in a time when there were certain things that you just needed to "learn." The test is about exclusivity, not intelligence. That's why the math proofs probably needed to be memorized prior to sitting for the exam. Sure, someone who can't remember anything accurately wouldn't pass, but neither would someone who hadn't had the highly specialized and basically useless preparation.

Comment Classics Make it Exclusive, Not Hard (Score 1) 741

The Latin and Greek translating sections or that era's history references are inheritance from earlier universities, which acted in some degree as a sort of social-status certification. Had you spent time learning *gasp* the classics? The first universities to teach engineering didn't have this idiotic obsession with academic circle-jerk, and I imagine their math sections would have been harder while being more practical as well. It hurts to see this introduced on slashdot as though we're supposed to marvel at how hard it is. Could anyone pass a test of Aristotelian medicine? If you could would it be valuable? I'm going to stop before my phlegm gets out of balance.

Comment PYTHON!!! (Score 1) 257

Death to curly braces and semicolons. We should just erase them from ASCII already. Disaster. Absolute worst way to organize language ever.

What does Java have that Python doesn't in two weeks?

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