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Comment Typical Microsoft... (Score 1) 913

... blame everyone else for problems caused by Microsoft.

Microsoft needs to remember that this is 2013, not the second half of the 1990's when the PC OEMs existed purely to support Microsoft and Intel.

The computing world has moved on (e.g., into mobile computing) and guess what, Microsoft missed yet another paradigm shift (the first being that Microsoft famously missed the onslaught of the Internet in the late 1990's).

So Microsoft is whining that they are being left behind by their PC partners; the very same PC partners, by the way, from who Microsoft has schemed and managed to suck nearly every last dollar of profit via the quasi-legal leveraging of the Windows monopoly.

Now there is a new means in town for the PC hardware OEMs to make money, and it does not require continuous bowing towards Redmond.

While the OEMs are trying to assure that they will not be subjects of Microsoft ever again. Microsoft is yelling at them, "follow us, we are the leader." But it is falling on deaf ears.

I can see why Microsoft is whining. Microsoft is becoming increasingly irrelevant.

Comment Fix the problem, not the symptom (Score 2) 550

The answer to your question is in your question.

from experience, I know that a good game can provide much more entertainment than a good movie.

Does your spouse have the same opinion about gaming as you? maybe she views gaming as little more than a time wasting experience.

Because of my long experience, gaming comes naturally to me

Maybe your spouse sees that, and she prefers not to become addicted to gaming as you appear to be.

Perhaps the question that is really being asked here is, "my wife is giving me grief for sitting in front of the game console all day, and I want her to stop bothering me and let me play."

The manner in which you pose your questions is that of a selfish person. Instead of trying to impose your likes upon her, you should be talking with her about new things both of you can enjoy, perhaps even taking advantage of living in a different country.

With so much to discover and learn just outside your door, why waste your time sitting in front of a game console?

Comment Re:Tracking (Score 1) 480

Which part of 'independent from Google' did you miss?

I did not miss that aspect at all.

However, anytime there is a single choke point for what I do on the web, it makes it easier for google to track me. While the device may or may not use google's servers, however, it more than likely has a single ID for me across multiple sites. That single ID makes it easier to track me.

Do you know that the ID will never be given to google in return for some manner of analytics exchange with google?

Do you know that the single ID will never be tied to google analytics via the vendors' websites?

Think a little, will ya....

Comment Good news... (Score 1) 101

It's great that google continues to put these security improvements into Chrome. But what I also would like to see would be the ability to set a proxy that is not the system proxy, something that IE, Opera and Firefox have been able to to from day 1. Why is Chrome so far behind in this aspect?

Comment Re:funny how everyone 'wants' your phone # (Score 4, Insightful) 185

I'd think actually the number collection is so that the next time you go in, they can put your phone number in and ID you... "Do you have a discount card? Do you have it with you?? No, can I get your phone number? There you are!"

Most small shops don't (yet) have the smarts/connections to sell customer data. But the potential IS there, yes.

If they are big enough to have a customer card, then they have the smarts/connections to sell customer data. Indeed, the customer card service is probably run for them by a data collection company.


Comment Re:August 2012 to January 2013 (Score 1, Troll) 243

When a bug report is received, it gets evaluated and prioritised. It can take a non trivial time to track down and fix the bug (and any associated bugs in similar code).

Instead of trying to rationalize and trivialize the incompetence of the companies that provide a lot of the software infrastructure that the IT industry uses, maybe your online efforts might be better served to try to effect a change in the companies providing that software infrastructure to be able to produce a timely solution that protects the users from vulns.

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