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Comment When Microsoft changes... (Score 2) 742

... when Microsoft changes its strategies and tactics, then the opinions of Microsoft will change as well.

As usual, a Microsoft manager is trying to blame its customers for the perception of Microsoft that Microsoft has earned and continues to earn.

Microsoft needs to look within to resolve its lack of public trust and amity.

Microsoft needs to learn how to compete on a level playing field without complaining that it is being wronged by what its customers think of Microsoft.

Microsoft needs to grow up.

Comment Re:This is the most retarded astroturf post ever (Score 1) 259

Comcast is really doing everything it can to get teh TWC acquisition approved.

WASHINGTON — Only a few hours had passed after the $45 billion merger between Comcast and Time Warner Cable was announced last week when an early voice emerged endorsing the giant deal.

“Win-win situation for American businesses,” said the statement from the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

It was the start of what Comcast executives acknowledge will be a carefully orchestrated campaign, as the company will seek hundreds of such expressions of support for the deal — from members of Congress, state officials and leaders of nonprofit and minority-led groups — as it tries to nudge federal authorities to approve the merger.

But what the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce did not mention in its statement praising the transaction was that it had collected at least $320,000 over the last five years from Comcast’s charitable foundation, which is run in part by David L. Cohen, the Comcast executive who oversees the corporation’s government affairs operations....

Comment My computer illiterate little sister... (Score 1) 389

... does not like the Metro interface. She finds it mostly unusable and not intuitive at all.

...Microsoft has created space for casual users as well as power users....

Not really. What Microsoft did was chase away a significant number of people who were looking for a PC. The sales numbers speak for themselves. If it were only the power users who were avoiding Windows 8, then the sales numbers would not be as bad as they are.

Comment Dumbing down the UI is appropriate (Score 1) 2219

We want to take our current content and all the stuff that matters to this community and deliver it on a site that still speaks to the interests and habits of our current audience, but that is, at the same time, more accessible and shareable by a wider audience.

This is a website for intelligent, highly technical people. The information density is not a detriment, it is a feature.

Trying to attract a wider audience will only force the content to be dumbed down.

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