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Comment Define "safe commercial use of drones" (Score 1) 199

...This is a troubling development in an ongoing saga over the FAA's rules which punish the safe commercial use of drones....

I thinking this is a good development in the safe commercial use of drones.

How do you know that all those real estate agents are using the drones safely? That's the problem the FAA is trying to address, the safety of all those things flying in the air. What if a real estate agent's drone crashes into a neighbor's house and hurts someone? How do you know that the real estate agent really knows how to fly one of the drones, or whether that agent recently saw one being used on youtube and thinks that he/she knows all there is to know about flying a drone?

For now, I am pleased that the FAA is slowing down the commercial use of the drones. When you're up in the air, you have the distinct possibility of affecting more than just yourself...

Comment Re:OMG, not my tooth brushing!!! (Score 1) 150

...There are two sides to that. How would you like an option to buy dental insurance that is dramatically cheaper, but which you can only get if you allow your brushing habits to be monitored and corrected? ...

Already being done for car insurance if you allow a monitoring device to plug into your car's computer port.

We do need to draw a line that prevents preferential treatment based on characteristics which are not within the control of the individual, including past behaviors, but I see no problem and lots of advantages in enabling the use of pricing to encourage behavior that reduces costs.

In general (but not complete) agreement. I still have a significant privacy concern regarding how else any data are used by ~third parties affiliated with the data collector~ (as many privacy policies word it).

Comment Re:OMG, not my tooth brushing!!! (Score 4, Insightful) 150

... If somebody learns every detail of the motions I make when I brush my teeth...

While your comment sounds like over-the-top sarcasm, keep in mind the time when you go to the dentist and your dental insurance company refuses to pay their portion of the bill because you have not been brushing your teeth properly....

Comment Danger, danger, Will Robinson!!!!!! (Score 0) 136

...Its Xbox gaming platform is seen as a potential hub or control center for home devices....

At some point, the XBox will have "special" protocols and interfaces so that Microsoft will be able to push its own incompatible version of any infrastructure. History has shown that to be the manner in which Microsoft operates.

Microsoft does not know how to work in a marketspace where the playing field is level, so Microsoft will always strive to tilt the playing field in its favor.

Comment Bad software justifies bad actions... (Score 4, Insightful) 495

Microsoft has pushed upon the world (literally, the world) software that has a history of security issues.

Now it appears that Microsoft is using their reputation for producing security-challenged software to badger companies for PR purposes. The headlines will all read, ~Microsoft takes down a company that is a security threat~. And Microsoft will look good in the headline.

But what has Microsoft really accomplished? Will Microsoft's reputation for software with abysmal security be changed? Or will a small company be crushed because a huge company is trying to look good?

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