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Comment Re:The answer is... it depends (Score 1) 358

Of course by this time our interest was piqued - with just a simple google search we discovered the girls website - while the content of the site was not porn the masthead showed her posing in bondage gear, and copy relating to her various preferences! She did get an interview but the cards were already on the table.

Why did you waste her time with an interview if the cards were already on the table?

From what you describe, I suspect if she did get the job, it would have been a hostile work environment for her, with too many busybodies poking around into her private life.

Comment The answer is... it depends (Score 4, Informative) 358

As a hiring manager, my focus is whether or not the applicant is able to do well in the position. I've never really concerned myself with the online presence of the applicant. I look at rummaging around in google to check out an applicant as more or less equivalent to hiring an investigator to do a background check. The fact that googling is easier and cheaper than hiring an investigator does not change the motive for doing so.

An exception would be if the applicant links to his professional online presence in the CV. Then I would use that as I would any other information on the CV. However the presence on the web does not make the information different than having the same information on the CV.

If I were hiring for a sensitive position where a background check is warranted, then I would do a real background check.

But if no background check is required, why go poking around in someone's private life.

Comment Re:Some sites block... (Score 1) 148

unless users actually refuse to use Target's web site because they don't want to be tracked.

Target's website refuses entry for those customers who do not have tracking cookies enabled. It is Target's choice, not the customers'.

I'm sure Target has carefully evaluated the situation, and the result is the decisions they've made.

Yeah, preventing customers from walking through the main entrance and buy things is always a good thing for a store to do.

Comment Some sites block... (Score 1) 148

Some sites block you if you do not allow their cookies unfettered access. One example is (the department store). You cannot get past the home page unless you open up your browser to all the cookies they want to place on your disk. It doesn't make sense for a store to prevent customers from using their website to shop.

Target needs to re-evaluate their purpose for having a website - do they want to use the website to place cookies on peoples' disks? Or does target want to use the website to sell merchandise?

Comment Psychosomatic (Score 1) 532

So do LEDs bother your eyes?

You need to do double-blind testing to see whether you are really bothered by the LED flicker, or you just think you are bothered by the flicker.

...has increasingly started to bug me: backlight flicker...

Perhaps it has increasingly started to bug you because you are becoming increasingly aware of it, and not vice versa.

It is a common marketing ploy to create a perceived problem, then magically have a product available for sale that just happens to assuage that newly perceived problem.

Comment Metric should be number of tickets, not revenue... (Score 4, Insightful) 364

...a whopping $125.1 million....

With the ever-increasing price of tickets, using revenue as a judge of "record-breaking" is grossly inaccurate, as it erroneously compares unequal ticket prices and ignores the effect of inflation over the years.

It would be more accurate (though still not completely accurate) to use the number of tickets sold as the basis for judging whether all-time records have been broken.

Comment Software can be remarkably discriminatory.... (Score 1) 814

... even more so than some of the egregiously bigoted comments I've been reading on this thread.

A few years ago I was looking for genealogy software. One of my requirements was the need to handle a F-F marriage with kids in the family. Fortunately, The Master Genealogist was up to the task. Amazingly, there were few choices that met an important requirement that I had.

Comment XP's retirement won't shake PC slump (Score 2) 438

Windows XP's looming retirement won't shake PC business out of sales funk


The looming retirement of Windows XP won't stem the dramatic drop in PC sales this year, but it may help bolster Microsoft's revenue, analysts said today. Although experts expect some business laggards to buy new hardware as they try to replace the 12-year-old XP before it's retired in April 2014, the quantities won't be enough to move the PC shipment needle to the positive side of the meter. "Replacements for Windows XP won't be enough to offset the declines on the consumer side," said David Daoud, an analyst with IDC.

Comment Mostly off Windows... (Score 1) 1215

I have gone from 8 computers running Windows back in the Windows 2000 days, to two computers running Windows and four computers running FreeBSD and two computer running OpenBSD. The Windows computers are all notebook clients, while the BSD boxes are the servers. I've stayed with Windows for clients because I have not seen any real desktop alternative available. Ubuntu was a fore-runner, but that distribution has since gone bad. I am using BSD's for the servers because, well, they just work.

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