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Comment Re:At least eight years too late... (Score 1) 633


Huge market share, huge profit margins, huge cash reserves ... and they can hire almost anybody in the world to be their next CEO.

When you compare fundamentals, Apple's position is far more precarious than Microsoft's. Apple relies on its "cool" factor, and cool is almost always short-lived. Microsoft has never been cool, but they have more developers, more patents and more lobbyists than any other tech company on the planet. Write them off at your peril.

I like your rose-coloured glasses.....

Huge market share

Only in old markets. How's Microsoft's marketshare in the mobile segment?

huge profit margins

Only in old markets. How's the profit margin doing for Xbox?

huge cash reserves

Agreed, but no working strategy to turn that cash reserve into viable, growing new businesses.

Microsoft has never been cool,

At one time, they were. But they lost that attribute when the 1990's ended.

they have more developers

Yup, a lot of developers without a strategic direction, but with lots of internal fighting and back-stabbing.

more patents than any other tech company on the plane

Not correct.

more lobbyists than any other tech company on the planet

Now *there's* a feature of a tech company that I would be proud of... NOT. Microsoft needs the lobyists because has lost the ability to compete in the marketplace.

Write them off at your peril.

I did not write them off. I merely said the new CEO has a tough job.

Microsoft needs to get off the teat of the Windows cash cow and look towards the future.

Comment Re:Patriotism (Score 1) 218

Baloney, a sacrifice is volunary, and a bank robber certainly doesn't go in hoping to get shot. Snowden DID come forth volunarily,...

Both the robber and Snowden took risks, risks that have possibly severe consequences. Completely the same.

Snowden ran away, and is now hiding in Russia. Like a coward.

Comment Disagree with the premise (Score 1) 209

"Right on the heals of the Bill Gates BusinessWeek article discussing the importance of disease prevention and cure over technological deployment

I disagree with the premise of the summary.

First of all, it was not a Bill Gates BusinessWeek article, it was an interview with Bill Gates in BusinessWeek. Second, Bill Gates takes a swipe at technology deployment being done by a Microsoft competitor, without giving any substantiation of why technology deployment is bad. The BusinessWeek interview of Bill Gates shows just how short-sighted and self-centered his "vision" really is. He is unable to comprehend the benefits of anything besides what he is doing.

Comment Gates needs to see it from other viewpoints (Score 4, Interesting) 481

1) The wi-fi balloons will provide the needed networking infrastructure in those areas, infrastructure that assists the medical and other health professionals with their tasks.

2) Gates is an individual, google is a corporation. Apples and oranges to compare the two.

Gates needs to look past his self-important blinders and see the whole picture.

Comment Real vs Virtual; Permanent vs. Temporary (Score 3, Insightful) 312

When I buy a printed book, I own the book. I can read the book whenever and where ever I want.

When I buy an eBook, I do not own the book. In order to read the book, I have to hope that some DRM server somewhere will authorize the eBook reader to show me the book I want to read.

I have books on my book shelves that are over 50 years old, and I can still read them fine. Can the same be said about eBooks 50 years from now?

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