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Comment Entertaining (Score 0) 239

...Mr. McAfee provided some extraordinarily entertaining and frank answers...

Entertaining? Yes, in a watching a train wreck type of manner.

Frank? Unknown. It is difficult to ascertain the truthiness of his answers.

But my original question still stands, why is everyone wasting so much time on this person?

Comment How does this affect me *now*? (Score 1) 134

What benefit does this give to me now, at this moment? Probably little if any.

On the other hand, it would be really nice if the Firefox developers fixed their proxy issues, and fixed the javascript engine choking on sites.

The problem with the testerone-induced rapid development cycle is that it apparently leads to a lot of bravado (we're better than Chrome") and little ongoing maintenance of browsing issues.

Comment Quick turn-around development (Score 0) 75

Since Mozilla has embaked upon the quick-turnaround development cycle for FireFox, the browser has become less and less useful for my needs.

More and more websites have stopped working properly.

More and more plug-ins have stopped working.

Since version 18, http proxying has become very problematic, to the point that it is no longer a working function of Firefox.

So I will ask a question that I have asked previously, what is the benefit to me of the accelerated Firefox development cycle if there are more problems introduced than resolved?

Comment Apple has a problem... (Score 0) 162

It appears that their current software strategy requires Apple Engineers to hand-hold developers at the developer conferences. While this is great for those who are able to buy tickets for the developer conferences, it scales poorly.

For anyone who depends upon Apple for monetary gain (stockholders, developers, etc.), the inability of Apple to properly accommodate the developers who want or need to attend the developer conferences should be a major red flag.

Comment Re:Simple solution... (Score 1) 110

...That's not enough. What will happen is that every company and their brother will require carte blanch opt in in order to do any transaction with them. ...

Thanks. Good point.

It reminds me of the clauses in many current consumer "agreements" that force the consumer to [typically corporate-friendly and anti-consumer] binding arbitration and force the consume to give up the right to legal process.

Comment Privacy dashboard (Score 4, Interesting) 86

... I'd rather Facebook put up a dashboard that shows how much they have been violating my privacy. I'd like to see a Facebook dashboard that is customized for me that shows, among other things:

- what data nuggets have been collected about me over the past 24 hours, week, month

- what third party entities my data has been shared with

I am sure that this community can suggest other items that would be useful on a Facebook Privacy Dashboard.

In the background, I cannot shake the thought that Facebook is putting up this energy consumption dashboard for the purpose to divert attention away from Facebook's ongoing privacy issues.

Comment Re:Seriously, are MS devs really using Win8? (Score 5, Insightful) 628

For starters, nested folders are gone. In All Apps, shortcuts are grouped based on a single folder, and everything is in one view.

That everything in one view aspect is not an advancement, but a step backwards.

The stupid Company Name > Program Name > Program hierarchy is gone.

If you don't want nested folders, then don't use them.

But why take the ability to use them from people who want to use them?

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