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Comment Data Structures and Algorithyms (Score 1) 637

If the CS grad did not take a course in Data Structures and Algorithms, or have verifiable knowledge on the topic, then the candidate wouldn't get past the first couple hours of interviewing.

It is not which languages you know, languages are merely the means to express your computer science knowledge.

Comment Re:I disagree with the premise... (Score 1) 430

...One big difference is that OSS sometimes has NO documentation at all. The commercial software I've seen almost always has SOME documentation, and not zero. (Of course that doesn't mean it's good documentation)....


However a big difference between the FOSS and the commercial software in the scenario you cite is that with the FOSS you will not spend money to find out the documentation is lacking.

It is rude (I'm being kind) to charge for software that has no or little documentation.

If I have to proffer my credit card in order acquire the software, the documentation had better well be useful.

Comment Re:Citing Wikipedia (Score 1) 189

...So you do not cite Wikipedia, you cite the article it points to. ...

Here, let me fix that typo for you...

So you do not cite Wikipedia --- you cite the article it points to, plus the opinion of any hovering mods who remove any citations of alternate (yet accurate) viewpoints.

Wikipedia is not the utopia you envision, it is the product of territorial mods who want "their" articles to read the way "they" want them to read.

Comment Re: 'unreliability' (Score 3, Interesting) 189

The last time there was a thread here on the topic, someone posted an article and stated the article showed wikipedia was better than Encyclopedia Britannica. I must have been the only person who read the original article, because the numbers in the article showed that wikipedia had a 3% higher error rate than the encyclopedia.

...due to the competitive nature of its maintenance...

This so-called "feature" has turned out to be more of a problem than a feature. You have competitive hovering mods removing any content they happen to disagree with, even if that content is accurate.

Sorry, Wikipedia is good, but it is not all its fan-bois crank it up to be.

Comment Re:Surprise, surprise... (Score 2) 739

I don't 'like' lima beans, that doesn't mean there is anything wrong with them. In this case your lima beans have been switched out with castor beans and you're dying. Pretty big difference.

It's a compiler bug, for Pete's sake, not the end of the world.

Revert to a known working version of the compiler, submit a bug report and move on. Why the temper tantrums? What is with all the drama?

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