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Comment Re:Why the surprise? (Score 1) 135

Again, no one is claiming that they are the same thing.

Perhaps you should chat with the author of the article. He seems to make that equation.

Maybe he did it just to grab headlines, or maybe he did it for other reasons. Who knows his intent?

The bottom line is that page hits = $$

He got a lot of page hits from the story here on /.

Comment Re:Doesn't seem that absurd (Score 2) 191

Seems like you can pick which vendor gives you the best value based on the use case of your application. Doesn't seem that absurd to me at all.

Exactly. It is a shame that the writer does not seem to be able to understand the process of picking a vendor appropriate for the task at hand.

What does seem absurd, however, is how magazines seem to create issues to write about.

Comment Simple infrared camera will do that... (Score 1) 207

... Ford says the research vehicle's sensors are sensitive enough to detect the difference between a small animal and a paper bag even at maximum range...

That is not as difficult as it may sound. And it is not a question of "sensitivity". The paper bag does not generate heat, while a small animal does.

So big deal - the car has an infrared camera on board.

Comment Re:Checksums? (Score 1) 321

You are assuming you started with good files.

No assumption on my part. I did start with good files. :)

In the submitter's case, he started with some good files, some unknown number of bad files, etc.

That's not how I read the comment. From the OP:

With the quantity of data (~2 TB at present), it's not really practical for us to examine every one of these periodically so we can manually restore them from a different copy.

That sound to me as if he wants to check the files from time to time and locate ones that have gone bad.

Comment Re:Checksums? (Score 2) 321

I use checksums to check for bitrot.

Once a week, I use openssl to calculate a checksum for each file; and I write that checksum, along with the path/filename, to a file. The next week, I do the same thing, and I compare (diff) the prior checksum file with the current checksum file.

With about a terabyte of data, I've not seen any bitrot yet.

Long term, I plan to move to ZFS, as the server's disk capacity will be rising significantly.

Comment Filter bubble (Score 1) 299

The Filter Bubble

ya need to move beyond it.

Maybe women don't like to work with ugly nerds, maybe they're not smart enough, or maybe they just don't like it. Stop blaming everything on us,

You are the problem.

So the question remains, what do you want to do to solve the problem. Technical people like to solve problems, why can't they seem to solve this one?

Comment I disagree with the premise... (Score 3, Interesting) 238

With eight qualified candidates for every 10 openings

To me that means that the companies are being far too selective and / or not using screening methods that reflect positive employment outcomes.

As google's selection process has shown, rejecting qualified candidates just because they do not do well on some obscure testing hurdles is not the way to find qualified candidates.

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