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Comment apples and oranges (Score 2) 120

...China's biggest e-retailer, totaled more than $3.1 billion, doubling the $1.5 billion spent by U.S. consumers on Cyber Monday in 2012.

How many people live in China? How many people live in the US?

A more valid comparison would be the amount of money spent per person, that removes the bias of large-populations.

Comment It's a commodity now... (Score 1) 169

When you had to spend a couple hundred dollars to buy a software package, the reviews were useful.

Now the software package has become the app, and is priced very cheaply.

The resulting high-volume, low-cost business model produces an audience for the app that gives ad hoc reviews via social media and other word of mouth communications.

Comment Re:Another day, another anti-Apple story (Score 1) 326

At what rate would you think it proper to publish anti-Apple stories? An anti-Apple story is published once a year? Once a month? Weekly? Daily? Hourly?

Given the number of happily-satisfied Apple users (is there any other kind of Apple user), maybe the number of anti-Apple stories published should be zero.

Comment Apple forums are a wholesome place (Score 5, Funny) 326

The Apple forums are not the place to criticize Apple or its products.

I, for one, applaud Apple's efforts to keep the Apple support forums all singing praises for Apple and its products. When I visit those forums, I do not want to see critique of Apple and its products. I want my visit to be positive and cheerful.

I am so happy that Apple is providing such a wholesome environment for me to visit and discuss Apple's products.

Comment It's not just the PR companies... (Score 1) 219

It's not just the PR companies... there are many people who just hover over a topic and make sure the topic reflects their viewpoint, regardless of whether their viewpoint is substantiated. That's why I stopped contributing to Wikipedia, I've had edits (complete with citations) reversed with no given reason other than the hoverer did not like the tense of a verb I used.

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