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Comment Real vs Virtual; Permanent vs. Temporary (Score 3, Insightful) 312

When I buy a printed book, I own the book. I can read the book whenever and where ever I want.

When I buy an eBook, I do not own the book. In order to read the book, I have to hope that some DRM server somewhere will authorize the eBook reader to show me the book I want to read.

I have books on my book shelves that are over 50 years old, and I can still read them fine. Can the same be said about eBooks 50 years from now?

Comment Funnel (Score 1) 205

In one company where I worked, I was able to have the end users funnel all their bug reports through the company's internal education department. If the "bug" were actually a prevalent user error, the education department would note that and modify their internal courses to instruct the users on proper usage. If the"bug" were actually a programming problem, the bug reports we got from the education department were very helpful to resolving the problem.

Comment The performance crown was won by... (Score 2) 326

... Firefox by a relatively small margin. Indeed, in some areas, Firefox is slow, other areas, such as Javascript, Firefox is, at best, middling.

At this point, if you are deciding upon which browser to use, perhaps the browser with the marginally highest performance benchmark numbers may not be the browser for you. Here is a difference that matters more to me: when I change the http proxy settings in Firefox, only Firefox is affected. However, when i change the http proxy settings in Chrome, the proxy settings for Windows are changed, meaning that other applications are affected. For this reason I use Firefox instead of Chrome, even though Firefox is a lot slower on a web page I frequent a lot.

Comment It's the apps, stupid (Score 1) 403

If apps start requiring Directx 11.n and, as a result, I cannot run those apps on Windows 7; then that will be one more reason why Windows is no longer a solution for me.

First Microsoft releases an awful version of Windows (8.0), then Microsoft backtracks (temporarily?) and restores some useful functionality that was removed (emphasis on some).

The question remains, how long before Microsoft has another dose of stupid, and re-removes the Start button and boot to desktop. Strategically, it is what they want to do, so you know they will keep trying to do it.

Comment Re:The answer is... it depends (Score 1) 358

Of course by this time our interest was piqued - with just a simple google search we discovered the girls website - while the content of the site was not porn the masthead showed her posing in bondage gear, and copy relating to her various preferences! She did get an interview but the cards were already on the table.

Why did you waste her time with an interview if the cards were already on the table?

From what you describe, I suspect if she did get the job, it would have been a hostile work environment for her, with too many busybodies poking around into her private life.

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