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Comment the Reason (Score 2) 445

. While Western Digital wouldn't explain why

The reason why is very simple. Seagate and Western Digital want to sell you extended warranties. In order to do so, they had to make the original warranty period so short that customers would want to buy the extended warranty.

Comment Because... (Score 1) 1003

Why is the NTSB targeting gadgets instead of bad drivers?"

Because the gadgets are involved in, and the cause of, a very large number of accidents. You can cherry pick the accident stats all you'd like in a failed attempt to dodge the issue, but the fact is that the car's driver seat is becoming more like the comfy chair in the living room instead of a driver seat.

Should cell phones be singled out? I'd say no. But the problem remains, how do you determine the "bad" driver who thinks it is OK not to pay attention to what is occurring on the road around him/her?

How do you find and remove from the road the drivers who are simply not paying attention?

Comment Re:Step 1: write fewer bugs (Score 1) 360

What a ridiculous comment.

What is ridiculous about it?

(note - I am not posting AC)

Why do even the best programmers call their mistakes bugs and not their mistakes? Why are even the best programmers avoiding taking responsibility for their errors

Why do you try to rationalize programmers' errors as being the result of ~there is too much to test~? Don't you think that programmers who really care about the quality of the code they write might object to your kicking the can down the road and blaming the problem on QA?

Why are you avoiding the responsibilty for the errors you as a programmer create?

Comment Easy... (Score 1) 360

If it is a commercial product, present reasons why there is more money to be made by fixing the issue you raise.

If it is an open source product, it is not so easy....

- some projects require you to appeal to the egos of the developers. This is a losing proposition, as their egos are far larger than you can imagine.(the Linux kernel comes to mind)

- some projects require you to navigate a maze of problem reporting pages. These projects have lost their compass.

- some projects require you to show technical or use case reasons why what you suspect may be a bug is really a bug. There is hope here.

Comment Re:Watching Apple? (Score 2) 157

This is one product I really hope Microsoft succeeds in.

To what end?

To suck the profits out of the industry, like Microsoft did with the PC industry?

To stifle innovation in the industry, like Microsoft did with the PC industry?

To globally reduce quality expectations, like Microsoft did with the PC industry?


What, exactly, do you hope Microsoft succeeds in within the healthcare industry?

Comment Not surprising... (Score 1) 511

Not a surprising development, as the Mozilla developers seem to have lost their compass lately.

Egregious shortcomings, such as the inability to remove any unwanted plugin (there's only the option to disable them), ridiculous version turnovers, etc., .etc., etc., are beginning to cost Firefox popularity with the users. Once the Firefox developers started stroking themselves, instead of providing useful features for their users, the downward slide in users was all but certain.

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