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Comment Explorers (Score 1) 633

It is good to see there are a lot of explorers here on /., wanting warp drive to explore the far reaches of the universe.

And the Moon. mirror of the Sun, night-light of the World,

Drags a blanket of cooling sea across the sand in furls,

In the night when the stars provide a reason for Man to strive,

He reasons that's the reason He's alive.

- - - Groundhogs - Earth Shanty

Comment And yet... (Score 0) 620

This law may very well be passed. Yet there as those in Congress who have unabashedly and shamelessly exploited 9-11 for their political ends, and who now balk at providing those Heroes of 9-11-2001, the First Responders (those who ran into the burning buildings to save others), the literally life-saving treatment that they require to stay alive. The Congressmen are demonstrating hypocrisy at the highest and most refined level.


Yet they can pass a law to require cars to be noisy.

Comment Assertion is not proof... (Score 1) 424

Windows' dominance of the PC market has been good in many ways: reduced hardware costs, increased IT literacy

Reduced hardware costs compared to what? Increases IT literacy compared to what?

How do you know that hardware would actually be more expensive had it not been for Windows?

No one knows what the world would have been like if Microsoft had not used illegal business tactics to create and leverage its monopoly and to suck the profits out of the PC industry. Perhaps hardware would be even less expensive had some of the profits that Microsoft usurped gone to the R&D of hardware manufacturers.

Comment Re:This is research? (Score 1) 81

Either you are trolling or you are utterly clueless.

Not trolling at all. Indeed, you are unable to answer the question I pose, and instead turn try to turn it around into an attack on me.

(for the record, I am not utterly clueless, partially maybe. But not utterly.)

How much money has Microsoft said in its SEC filings that it has spent on Research and Development. What is the result of that money spent? I remember the big PR splash that Microsoft Surface made, and how it was boasted to be a product of Microsoft Research. Then I saw this video of Johnny lee who surpasses Microsoft Surface for $50 in parts and some real creative research and development.

One person offered Clippy as a shining star of Microsoft Research.

(I'll pause while the laughter subsides....)

Some good projects of Microsoft Research have been mentioned, but I will ask my question again --- what project in Microsoft Research has dramatically changed the computer industry?

No one so far has been able to show how Microsoft Research has elevated the computer industry.

Comment This is research? (Score 1) 81

From the article:

Microsoft researchers built tools that are helpful in testing very large and complex software, essential to try to guarantee that the code does what it's supposed to,

That certainly does not sound like basic research to me. Indeed, it does not even sound like research. It is a software development project.

Can anyone name one Microsoft Research project that has significantly affected the computer industry?

Comment Turning the problem around (Score 2, Informative) 293

The Mozilla exec is trying to turn a FireFox security hole (i.e., the ability to load plug-ins without the user's knowledge or consent) into something else (other companies are evil for exploiting the security hole).

The solution is simple, Mozilla needs to fix the security hole in FireFox, and while they are at it, provide a means to uninstall plug-ins that does not rquire me to go rummaging through the filesystem looking for oddly-named files and deleting them.

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