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Comment Same old, same old... (Score 5, Insightful) 107

New leaked info from Intel sheds light on how the company's 2014 platforms will challenge ARM products in the ultra light, low power market.

Intel is using the tactic perfected by Microsoft, i.e., compare your product plans from two or so years in the future with the current products of your competitor, and then say how much better your envisioned products are.

Intel is behind the 8-ball in the low power market space, and this is nothing less than a move of desperation on Intel's part.

Comment Pixels, not marketing speak (Score 1) 266


What in the world do they mean? Why are the manufacturers so afraid to tell me the real specs (in pixels) of their monitors?

imo, the marketeers are intentionally trying to create confusion in the marketplace in order to sell monitors of inferior capability for inflated prices..

Why else would anyone create a bunch of acronyms that no one understands, and use those acronyms to describe the capability of monitors?

Comment Already done. (Score 1) 161

that architects and builders are finding ways to capture this excess body heat on a scale large enough to warm homes and office buildings

If you are in the building, aren't you already warming the building with your body heat, excess or otherwise?

Comment Re:Arsehole (Score 3, Insightful) 1051

I wish my boss would show the same concern for the quality of our software, and scream at the programmers that break it every day. Unfortunately it doesn't happen...

Sure, it does happen. I have fired programmers who could not do their job. The firing was done in my office with the door closed. I did not post news of the firing on the internal company forums. I did not drag the body through the streets as an example.

Why do you rationalize poor management techniques as an excuse for poor management?

Comment Re:Linus is an asshat, imho (Score 1) 1051

Unless that developer is disposable and you'd like to send a message aux les autres.

If you want to send a message to others, then just take the guy off the project. If the other developers are worth their salt, they will already know the guy is incompetent. There's no need for a public flogging.

Comment Re:Linus is an asshat, imho (Score 0) 1051

Because it is a publicly managed project, the yelling happens in public.

If you want drama and a soap opera, then yes that is how to do it. Do it publicly, make every conflict a drama. Go for the ratings. Maybe that is how Linus keep people interested in following Linux. But, is it the best way?

Comment Re:Linus is an asshat, imho (Score 1) 1051

Each of Microsoft, Apple, and the Linux Kernel are examples of organizations with leaders at their helm that demonstrate the above capabilities.

Please show me examples of Apple's CEO or Microsoft's CEO reaming someone a new asshole on a mailing list. I've not seen one such example. So why are you trying to use Apple and Microsoft to justify Linus' incredibly poor management style?

Comment Re:Linus is an asshat, imho (Score 1) 1051

Yes, let's all play nice. Everyone have a love in. Never hurt anyone's feelings.

That is not what I said. If you want to disagree with what I say, please first read and understand what I say.

I am not opposed to reading someone the riot act. However a public mailing list is not the place to do it.

Comment Good grief... (Score 1) 314

If you are so unknowledgeable that you have to ask questions like the ones you asked, then the best way for you to compute securely is to use an abacus.

No matter how secure the OS is, no matter what security apps you are running; I am sure that you will find a way to bypass all that security and suffer an exploit.

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