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Comment Re:Snowden is fucked (Score 4, Interesting) 583

Constitutional law is another branch of the law, one, AIUI, which requires dedicated years of study to fully master.

No, it takes dedicated years of study to become fully indoctrinated to the point where this kind of bullshit appears legal. The point of law school is not to teach you the law, it's to teach you how to distort the law to get your way.

Remember, just government relies on the consent of the governed. Uninformed consent is invalid. If The People cannot understand the Constitution, they can't consent to be governed.

Comment Re:Snowden is fucked (Score 2) 583

The reason why he's angered the US government so badly, is because he's divulged sensitive information that has damaged American interests.

American interests are strictly limited by the Constitution. He may have damaged the interests of the criminals who run this country, but that's not the same as American interests.

Comment Re:Snowden is fucked (Score 3, Insightful) 583

They are doing it to foil terrorist attacks (and they've gone on the record saying that gathered intelligence has foiled "dozens" of terrorists attacks).

Of course they would say that. How do we know it's actually true?

Western spying is subject to a tremendous amount of oversight by the right people (and if you'll excuse me, Slashdot keyboard warriors aren't "the right people").

The whole point of Snowden's leak is that that is not true. There is essentially no oversight. Definately not enough oversight to comply with the 4th amendment.

Comment Re:Snowden is fucked (Score 5, Insightful) 583

Given the damage he's done to the US and the West

Snowden has done no damage to the US and the West. On the contrary, he has done us all a huge favor by bringing abuses of our rights to light.

Now, the criminals who set up this illegal surveillance program, THEY have done extreme damage to the US.

he has committed an extremely serious act of treason.

No, that would be the criminals responsible for implementing PRISM.

Comment Re:Good (Score 1) 304

He sold to US buyers establishing jurisdiction. If he did not sell to US buyers and to only -- as an example --- Chinese buyers, US courts would likely not have jurisdiction ....

By that argument, me saying "the Thai king is an ignorant malodorous halfbreed" to citizens of Thailand would grant Thailand jursidiction to prosecute me for lese majeste.

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