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Comment Re:mockingbirds (Score 3, Informative) 118

A law has a letter and a spirit. Socrates also broke a letter of a law. And he was condemned to a capital punishment by sort of a kangaroo court of that time.

They are on the same scale as Socrates, they are the personages of human civilization. Nothing can be done about it anymore. They are too big and can turn out to be unexpectedly devastatingly strong. The best way is to leave them alone and ignore.

Comment mockingbirds (Score 2) 118

The Soviet bureaucrats learned hard way that keeping such phenomenons as Andrei Sakharov, Anatoly Sharansky, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn in prison is like trying to kill a mockingbird.

The US and UK bureaucrats should cut losses, learn lessons and leave Julian and Bradley alone. Let them go wherever they wish while still there is time. They are just too big to be kept down like this. Not good to attract attention to them any longer.

It the USA and UK go berserk the whole world will turn into a zoo.

Comment Really hostile environment (Score 5, Insightful) 78

It is easier to send a robot to Mars than to, say, a local supermarket. It would probably not last in a supermarket for a week.

The really hostile environment for robots is the human social environment.

It is clear how to protect against radiation or low temperatures, but how to protect against coffee into circuits or lipstick on lenses? Or just plain simple kicks from behind.

These are complicated and important problems because robots could be very useful on Earth too right now.

Comment Re:No persuasion required (Score 1) 510

I would agree to that. The best way to guard secrets is not to have them.

Even the mighty USA state, with all its power and technological prowess, could not guard secrets. Bradley Manning took them out on a musical CD. What about hall-alive commercial company, which is still have to produce something and pay taxes?

The memory and cameras are already everywhere, on everything. Shall we also ban wristwatches, MP3 players, pens, future iPods, etc.?

Comment Re:No persuasion required (Score 1) 510

and lock down which apps end users can install, what can be downloaded

There is immense innovation which is coming into business with mobile apps. Locking down will stop this technological revolution for this company and it will demise quietly..

Smartphone should have a physical well visible lid on web-camera and microphone. So that they normally closed and open only for a phone call or taking a photograph. And it should be well visible if these lids is open or closed. This is all.

The problem is bad engineering of smartphones by monopolies.

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