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Comment If seriously (Score 1) 314

Most often than not computers and servers are intruded by spammers to install spam-sending bots. So, join spam reporting scheme on a regular basis, for example: Only human smartness can counter human smartness.

Use at least 2 operating systems, at least 2 browsers, at least 2 office applications, etc. Because if there is one and only one monopoly software or hardware vendor, it is much easier for it to get corrupted. A realistic competition is the best measure against corruption.

You raised serious questions of the civilization's scale. As any serious problem the problem of security can be solved by a systematic work and communication, at least partially. It will always be a running battle between good and evil.

Comment Re:They're just one step from... (Score 1) 591

In modern US more that 200 thousand women are sexually assaulted each year . It is in the country where there is the real police, courts, laws, therapy, etc. About 100% of assaulters are men.

Besides, many cases are not reported for fear of exposure. It is yet without domestic violence, harassment, etc.

I mean it is not rare. A figure in millions does not seem unrealistic to me, especially in Middle Ages.

Comment Forbid forbidding drying clothes outdoors (Score 1) 203

would could down the climate. We speak of billions pieces every day.

Have you ever seen traffic in New York? It is something surrealistic, rivers of steel on a geological or even astronomical scale. New York just uses too much energy. It heats up this area, like a giant frying pan, the hot air lifts up in a huge column in stratosphere. And that is where hurricanes are attracted.

I would also suggested compulsory telecommuting days. Then forbidding heavy wool suits, white shirts and ties. They took too much energy to dry-clean and air condition offices for these wool suits.

Comment Some cloud's employee will (Score 1) 379

study your documents, which you eagerly uploaded to their server, will get intimate understanding of the model which your organization uses to do collect money for the nonprofit activity and then will start a new project on Friday, when they have 20% of work time for any new projects.

And your good old non-profit organization, which worked well for 20 years, will be out of action.

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