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Comment Re:Something really usefull for Earth (Score 1) 212

Perhaps. But the space junk is already very serious problem.

Maybe instead of many satellites it would be better to have one powerful robotized HD telescope on the moon. Nowadays the satellite imagery of Earth is not good at all. It is often outdated by years (two weeks is nothing in comparison), sometimes misaligned by hundreds of meters, or nonexistent at all for some areas..

In this case we will know the telescope-digital camera location precisely and the automatic alignment of images to the Earth surface coordinates should be possible.

The Moon is also drifting but it is negligible. Satellites however do require the fuel constantly to stay in more or less precise orbit. Satellites are and always will be temporal poor-man solution.

Comment Re:Something really usefull for Earth (Score 1) 212

I mean we use daily maps which are built on satellite imagery 3 - 5 years old. And even this is only in large cities and in industrial countries.

Since the orbit of satellites are unstable the imagery is hard to connect with geographical coordinates precisely.

I do not think humanity can live in space. We on Earth are protected from deadly radiation by the massive iron-nickel rotating planet's kernel.

So let us place the HD telescope-digital camera on the surface of the Moon and direct it not to the remote stars, but the the Earth for a change.

Comment Something really usefull for Earth (Score 1) 212

It is clear by now that the space is extremely hostile environment for biological systems.

A robotized HD high-speed telescope-digital camera on the surface of the moon could provide nearly real time imagery of the whole Earth surface. It could be very useful for mapping Earth.

Satellite imagery is spotty. Satellites have unstable orbits. They contribute to the space junk issue.

Good maps of Earth can do a lot, a lot of good to our planet, - to reduce traffic pollution, to fight fires more effectively, and so on and so forth.

Robots are smaller than humans. They do not require tanks of oxygen. So the smaller more ecological rockets can be used.

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