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Comment Re:Evidence-based medicine (Score 1) 1064

That's not the "medicine" part, that's hand holding.

It's usually called bedside manner, and it's very important to a very large number of people. To some people, it's the most important quality they look for in a doctor (especially parents looking for a pediatrician). Getting defensive and being a dick about it won't change that and doesn't really contribute to the discussion at all, and I'm a bit surprised that your comment was modded Interesting (which you usually are, but not this time). Retorting with one-word answers is pretty lame, especially for someone who needs to make compelling arguments on a regular basis in his line of work. You might just be taking the "lawyers and patients" snip a bit too much to heart.

Comment Re:Sorry but (Score 1) 566

You missed the part where the poster logs IPs. If a hiring manager goes looking into shit that has no relevance to the position applied for, and then uses that as a basis for not hiring someone, then the employer is guilty of discrimination. Not that I'd expect a corporate suit to understand that.

All they have to say is that they didn't hire you based on

This is an excellent example of how employers circumvent discrimination laws. "No, it wasn't discrimination, it was...er...some other reason. Honest!" Thanks for that.

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