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Comment Re:Make him run the Marathon (Score 0, Troll) 773

Fuck you. Messes to clean up, you say? What mess have you ever cleaned up. You let the mess fester until the grown-ups have to come in and clean it up for you. Then you go right back to what you were doing before, and let it build up again.

  What Europeans tend to do is ignore problems, study them, wring their hands, wait around for some savior. And never actually do anything or solve any problem. Right now you are cowering in fear while a bunch of jihadist parasites overrun your countries and allow globalists to destroy your economies. While panhandling around the world for money to stave off the inevitable. Wonder where that comes from...

      I am glad you mentioned WWII. I won't bother to note the obvious fact of your continued existence, at the expense of several hundred thousand American lives. After the war, and to this day, you have had to do virtually nothing to defend yourselves from the Soviets or any other threat, by attaching yourselves to the belly of the United States like sucker-fish on a shark, or leeches. The only reason you were not overrun by the Soviets from 1945 to 1990, and the Russians from 2000 till now is because of the US nuclear umbrella. The only reason your wimpy and worthless cultures have managed to stave off economic disaster this long is because you have negligible defense requirements because you know we will take care if it for you.

      This entire time you have, as a group, acted like a bunch of whiny effete children and your current attitude to the US is a deeply-held resentment because YOU KNOW all this, even though you won't admit it to yourselves. Just like all coddled children. You create "International" and "World" organizations to make it seem like you are players on the world stage, and to insulate yourselves from actually backing a wheelbarrow up to the US Treasury and taking the money directly. But make no mistake, all the IMF, the UN, the World Bank does is provide cover for you sucking the US Taxpayer, and the US economy, dry. You're still at it, the EU was begging from IMF money just last week.

    You will read this, mod it to hell, point out all the "obvious" errors like any pseudo-intellectual poser, and move on. I have no illusions that you are capable of realizing how incredibly pathetic your entire misbegotten continent has gotten since cowardice has become so fashionable.

      So again, fuck you.

Comment Re:All about corporate users now (Score 1) 737

They haven't ceded the market, they were blown out of it by superior competition. No one using a computer casually for email or surfing ever needed Windows. It was just the only practical option, "practical" being a debatable term. It was and always has been tortuously inefficient and ill-suited for consumer use, basically junk but the only junk most people had.

      As soon as you could get something like a properly-designed system with decent user interface and interaction like a Mac, for a price that was affordable, the game was up. It took a few years for people to realize it but it was essentially inevitable.

      BTW, CmdrTaco aside, this all started with the *iPod*. People got them, they worked remarkably well, and people started realizing how junky Windows was.


Comment Re:I thought features were passe? (Score 2) 221

I don't features should be removed, unless removing them makes the programmers *make the features that are there work properly*. Maybe I am also a relic (ok, not maybe, definitely), but I get rather irritated when Word (or any other similar crap application) adds some more features or changes the UI just for the sake of doing it, and the same f*cking bug that sometimes for some unknown reason corrupts the document and won't let me save it still existing pretty much exactly like it worked in 1997.

Wasting time adding features while serious bugs are left untouched is what p*sses people off. Of course it's a lot easier to ad copy saying "n Exciting New Features" than it is "Word 2007, 45% fewer fatal bugs"


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