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Comment Re:Overrated (Score 4) 218

As a foreigner, I'd never heard of Salinger or Catcher in the Rye. When I first made it to the US, my friend gave me the book: "You HAVE to read that". I was underwhelmed and to this day still do not understand what all the fuss is about. A story about a whiney teenager with too much money for his own good ? This describe America pretty well to me !!!

The secret to Catcher in the Rye is reading it when you are a whiny teenager full of your own angst and immaturity and bursting with ego.

The message is:

1) You are not the only one
2) Don't do this

Comment Re:Begun this solar war has... (Score 1) 1030

I absolutely agree, but we've been through the first two steps already. All over the world, wind and wave and solar power have emerged and are becoming mainstream.

We live at an interesting nexus of human history, one that I suspect that will be viewed as just important as the Industrial Revolution is now.

Comment Re:Begun this solar war has... (Score 1) 1030

Except that's attributed to Gandhi(who likely never said it at all), when it actually came from a American union leader, Nicholas Klein, who never actually won the strike he was pushing.

News to me, but a quick google search backs you up. At least Klein said it in 1914 before Gandhi became internationally famous so it's not a recent misattribution.

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