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Comment Re:Thus: (Score 1) 237

Why Apple's CEO? The Samsung Wrist Phone...

Are you kidding? I'm guessing the conversation around the bong was more along the lines of:

".... so dude... we managed to convince our competitors, the pundits and the market that we'd make a stupid fucking watch right?"


"... I know right ... and now Samsung have actually tried to compete with the damn thing .."

*more giggles* *at least one board member falls off his chair*

"... oh man ... I can't wait to retire and write this up... they'll never believe this shit..."

Comment Re:There is a Fix for This (Score 1) 237

Ah if only I had not already commented on this...

So I'll point out that step 4) should include a cover letter that clearly documents your actions in 1), 2) & 3)

Step 5) would be to document the above and any responses from NVIDIA somewhere in public on the web.

No profit here, but much satisfaction from righteous indignation.

Comment Re:There is a Fix for This (Score 1) 237

Let's see: you use an overblown proprietary binary blob that contains who-knows-what in times of overall NSA spying, and you dare complain that this binary blob has lost one tiny bit of functionality w.r.t. Windows' binary blob? Don't worry, the main functionality of this nVidia blob (NSA backdoor?) is still fully functional.

Nvidia has never been a perfect partner to the opensource world, however your tinfoil hat is too tight son, it's clearly cutting off the blood flow to your brain.

Comment Re:Thus: (Score 1) 237

No, I know where the quote comes from, it just wasn't applicable. Vader made a deal, Nvidea made no deal with Linux. Their only deals are with Microsoft, who are probably the Vader here (Darth Ballmer?).

That's kind of the point, most of the time the opensource world does not get to make deals with corporations. You take what they dole out and then you thank them for it.

I don't like it, and I'm hoping it doesn't last, but it does seem to be the reality.

In the ideal world our esteemed colleagues at Redmond will continue to screw themselves over and the world will turn slowly to Linux and all the hardware vendors will start playing ball, and there is some indication that has been the gradual trend over the past five years or so, but don't hold your breath and don't expect anyone to play fair.

Comment Re:heh. (Score 1) 388

Tesla Model S Catches Fire: Is This Tesla's 'Toyota' Moment?

Only when you consider Toyota's slogan is "Driving excitement". I can think of nothing more exciting than OH GOD OH GOD WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE.

That was pretty much the excitement of driving a Pontiac Firefly close to the speed limit. (Downhill with a tailwind...)

Comment Re:Red Storm Rising (Score 1) 236

Some authors improve with time and exposure, others are a flash in the pan. Some produce their greatest works young, and other old.

The Tom Clancy I will always remember is "Red Storm Rising" (not a great novel, but a great page turner) , "Red October" and "Patriot Games". Tom Clancy's early books were fantastic page turners, not high art but highly entertaining and quite well thought out. I wish that all of his works were of the same quality, or better.

Now we will never know if there was the potential for greatness that sometimes comes with the "wisdom of elders".

Thank you for the memories Tom, as far as I'm concerned "Red October" still stands as a "best in genre" after 30 years.

Comment Re:Relationship between Apple Darwin and FreeBSD (Score 1) 133

The relevant bits of the FreeBSD userland are periodically (every major release) imported into OS X. The two systems are fairly different, so kernel changes in FreeBSD probably won't show up, but tweaks to command line tools and other stuff probably will.

Darwin is not a BSD kernel, so the kernel changes will never show up, no probably about it.

Comment Re:Stock trending down (Score 1) 208

that's weird since Apple's stock is trending down over the last year, and coke is trending up .

Interestingly it's trending down if you look at the past 12 months, but up if you look at the last 6 or 48 or more.

If you look at a 5 year trend it's constantly up until a huge bubble for the first three quarters of 2012. Anyone remember what that was about?

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