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Comment Re:As usual. (Score 1) 622

Think of it as evolution in action.

I struggle with this when it means that, for natural selection to occur, children have to suffer. I look over at my healthy (fully vaccinated) 3-year-old boy and I try to imagine if he was sick. Breaks my heart.

Shame they didn't think of that.

Comment Re:So Al Gore is a slimy politician? (Score 1) 216

Yeah, Al Gore is basically the Town Joke around Nashville, TN. During the three years I lived there, I never once heard his name mentioned in a respectful manner, and that includes on the local radio stations.

Most of the time you could get a laugh just by dropping his name into a conversation.

I'm sure that's nothing to do with jealousy or partisan politics. It's not like his political opponents had any bias or anything.

I'm sure the political right is so clear, honest and straightforward that they'd never resort to ad hominem attacks.

Comment Re:Because that makes sense (Score 1) 222

War propaganda is as old as war itself.

No, it's not. Propaganda, as such, especially military propaganda, is fairly modern. Ancient/classical militaries didn't depend much on popular support. There was political grandstanding, sure, but that's very different.

I guess you never studied ancient history. Here's one example of an academic who disagrees with you. Personally I considered Pericles' Funeral Oration pretty full of propaganda.

If memory serves me correctly it was a fairly major issue during Hannibal's Italy campaign as well as the Pyrrhic War.

How about the hundred years war?

Or did I misunderstand your meaning of modern?

Comment Re:The arc (Score 1) 123

Danish physicist Valdemar Poulsen took Duddell's audio oscillator and, by placing the arc in a transverse magnetic field, and in a hydrogen atmosphere (and somehow not getting blown up in the process), moved the frequency of oscillation up into the low radio range, around 500 kHz or so. This was the arc radio transmitter. It differed from the more common spark transmitter in that the arc's output oscillation was continuous, while that of the spark transmitter was a damped (decaying) oscillation.

I learned something on Slashdot, my day is done.

(I'm a software geek, so my electronics only had to go as far as a wheatstone bridge. Which is kind of embarrassing when you consider that my grandfather was an electrical engineer, I'll bet he could have whipped up an arc transmitter for fun.)

Comment Re:Because that makes sense (Score 1) 222

. . .and considering that "Pallywood" setups of faked massacres, or at least showing much larger events than actually happened are well documented in the recent past (google "Green Helmet Guy" or "White Coat Guy". . .), the claims of a chemwar massacre just after an observer team arrives, requires special scrutiny.

Not saying it DIDN'T happen, but there's a record of activists staging sites to make things look far worse than actually happened.

The classic example is a single older Palestinian woman, claiming her house was destroyed by Israeli attacks. At three separate sites. All within the same month. . .

War propaganda is as old as war itself.

Comment Re:Very interesting marketing decision (Score 1) 210

Flood the app store with thousands of shitty apps so no one can find the ones that are actually useful. I wonder how well that will work for them.

It's really not so different with iOS, it's just that there's hundreds of thousands of apps so even if there are hundreds of thousands of shitty apps the top 1% is very good and still represents thousands of useful apps.

This was Microsofts strategy for a long time: Developers, Developers, Developers. (Yet another thing that Apple stole?)

Comment Re:I'd mod the OP Flamebait (Score 1) 570

Between OS-X, IOS and Android, this discussion is more than a little comical.

Not really, the article is quite specifically talking about Unix. Linux and iOS and OSX are not Unix. Much in the same way that Volkswagen does not makes (horse-drawn) wagons.

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