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Comment Re:But there's nothing to listen to in Africa (Score 3, Insightful) 196

It's a long term strategy to extract profit from Africa. Just because people from the US wouldn't go there because 15% profit is too hard, doesn't mean China isn't there making 5% profit and positioning themselves for a bigger profit later

Bingo, and then turning around and using those profits to buy African resources.

Comment Re:I don't know, has he? (Score 1) 365

The Kernel is Mach with Darwin On top.

Correct, Mach kernel that also borrowed some of the BSD code with a BSD userland.

Anyone who tries to call OSX BSD is missing the point. Some of the software comes from BSD, but the kernel is not.

Sique, every time you repeat that nonsense angels weep and go on to kill puppies and kittens in their frustration.

Comment Re:It's not the programmers making the decisions (Score 1) 479

The problem seems to be programmers who only use one language. I use C for embedded, sometimes a bit of assembler, and C# on the desktop except where it's easier to use C/C++. I also use Python for scripting and a bit of Java now and then. I also have experience of Ada, PHP, JS etc. but never seem to have any use for them these days.

Agreed, the "one true language" debates are horribly tedious and unproductive.

There are many tools, and many jobs, use the right tool for the right job. (And if you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail.)

While I shudder at the thought, I'm told that these days I qualify as a Java "expert". But I would not try to automate shell tasks with Java... if I had a choice I'd use Python, but I might have to bite the bullet and use bourne shell or the DOS command language. If I was building a website I may use Java on the server if I needed a DB or some kind of processing, but the UI itself would be all HTML, CSS and JavaScript. (Some would say rails on the server... whatever floats your boat, if it gets the job done and scales to meet the demand.)

If I want something that runs blazingly fast and I can take the time to write the code well it's going to be C/C++, no garbage collection and excellent startup times unlike Java, C#, etc.

Comment Re:An Honest Question: (Score 1) 142

Then you'll find the know it all who says "how come you're spending 5 minutes doing that manually instead of spending hours finding the more efficient solution that I use?"

Guilty... However, you know you're doing it right when people thank you for pointing them at easier ways rather than glaring at you until you leave.

Comment Re:Policing twitter is dumb (Score 2) 421

Well said.

What people fail to realize is that the rules to Twitter should actually be MORE strict, not less.

You're not just speaking in a crowded room with your parents and children watching, the whole freaking world including your future partners and employers are watching and will be able to look up EVERYTHING you ever said.

Comment Re:Seriously? (Score 1) 421

Rape and death threats over pushing for a woman's face on a banknote?

No, not "a woman's face" -- the queen makes the occasional appearance on UK bank notes. It's about Jane Austen's face. It's understandable. I would not be surprised if half (or more) of the death threats came from women. Who should represent UK women on a bank note? Do you really think she's the best of the best the UK has to offer?

Understandable? DEATH THREATS?

What freaking planet are you from?

Comment Re:Emacs? Is this Slashdot in 2013? (Score 0) 142

Just about any android phone doubles as a "PC" in the same sense. Canonical is an also-ran.

Your average phone does not have 4GB of RAM... so no, it's not the same.

Yes, Canonical is an also-ran. However, any competition is good and what they're doing is a million times more relevant in 2013 than freaking Emacs.

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