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Comment Re:Overshadowed by PRISM (Score 1) 464

Who cares, really? Normally, I should be excited by this set of announcements, but I'm not now. Why? Because Apple is complicit in the largest expansion of government surveillance power in my lifetime... that we know of, at least. (That is, unless you believe their technicality-laden denial with wording nearly identical to several other of the named companies.) Every desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone, and personal music player currently in my household is an Apple product, but until we get this sorted out, I'm not buying any more of their gear. And I'm recommending that family and friends do the same.

FFS, this stuff is not new, the allies have been doing active SigInt for decades, you just noticed?

Comment Re:Legacy and Inter-opterability (Score 1) 607

Bringing iBooks to the MacOS is good.

I was a little surprised by this since I have a mac and an ipad and a bunch of free books in iBooks. I had simply never noticed before that I can't actually read those books on the mac.

This is probably because I use the Kindle bookstore instead since they're cheaper on average. (Or were when I checked last...)

Kind of amusing that the Kindle book reader has been available for years for OSX.

Comment Re:tcsh (Score 1) 80

I'm fucked. I use tcsh on my *nix boxes and now my employer is moving to Lotus Notes and I have to move all the Exchange shit over to Domino and join it to the French company that bought us.

I am told by those who know more than me that Domino is actually pretty good, it's the client that sucks dead dingo kidneys. However, the Exchange to Domino migration has been known to trigger a wide variety of psychological and medical disorders.

Comment Re:os x just needs to remove the hardware locks an (Score 1) 497

My 2011 Mini is more powerful than my 2005 Mac Pro. There aren't many people who need a desktop computer with more guts than the Mac Mini.

They currently max out at 16GB of RAM and have an Intel graphics chip.

There are a lot of people for whom that is a show stopper, yet don't want to dish out over $2000 for a mac pro.

But the only thing between the mini and the pro is the macbooks.

Something about the size of a Shuttle but with the expected Apple quality and slightly more flexability for parts and priced at say twice the price of a mini would prevent me from having to solve that equation with a PC.

Comment Re:Tablets will eventually take over (Score 1) 497

Even more than that, a PC from 1980 is still a PC. A keyboard connected to a tablet (which works just fine today), and you have PC that would be the envy of power users from 1980.

Exactly, I use an iPad with the Logitech keyboard cover and it's far more useful and powerful than anything I used in the 80's except it lacks the precision for graphics you could get in autocad (yes autocad is that old, I used it on an 8086 with an amber screen) and there are almost no onboard development tools.

Perhaps Orion will take care of that...

Comment Re:Tablets will eventually take over (Score 1) 497

And there is no reason why you cannot attach a tablet to a bigger screen or keyboard or mouse should the need arise. (it doesn't work the other way around though)

Other than that tablets are designed for touch interfaces and make crappy desktops and laptops as a result.

Yes, todays tablets. But in 1980 if you said that PCs would soon be on every office workers desks and within 15 years it would be possible for average people to instantly talk to anyone at a computer almost anywhere in the world they would have been equally puzzled.

And here we are 15 years after that and I bet your mom can now do it with her phone. (Current generation of smartphones is more powerful than the supercomputers of the '80s)

Never say never my friend. My bet is that 15 years from now the "PC" format will be back to the hands of the elite that had them in the early 1990's while everyone else is able to do EVERYTHING with their phone... or watch... or ... *sigh* glasses...

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