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Comment Re:Not the first time (Score 1) 413

It's not a coincidence? Just what are you proposing to be the link between the two incidents?

Clearly the momentum. Damn those physicists!

Perhaps quantum entanglement would have been funnier.

Not that there's anything funny about quantum entanglement... or having one's life prematurely ended by a Neanderthal with a revoked license.

Comment Re:Had a bicyclist blow through a red-light today (Score 1) 413

All the cars stopped. The people walking in the crosswalk were nearly drilled by some jerk on his bike. Just kept riding, then rode through the next red light.

They want full access to the roads, taking a whole lane? Fine. Then they need to meet all of the same rules we do.
- No rolling red lights.
- No cutting between cars in their lanes.
- Turn signals
- Etc.

There are bad cyclists and bad drivers, and no excuses for either.

Comment Re:Cue the emo fanboy ranting from both sides... (Score 1) 205

What's more sad, the people who are passionate about devices, or the people who are passionate about chastizing people for being passionate about devices?

A good question, but I put it to you that there is a difference between being passionate about devices and "emo fanboy ranting". (I am passionate about devices.)

Comment Re:$36 Mil is chump change (Score 1) 69

Or in Redneckistan Virginia, 50/25 (FiOS) for $45.

Nice, but then you'd have to live in Virgina! (I kid... Apparently Viginia is quite nice, and the guy who said that was a Pakistani Muslim immigrant so the whole "redneck" thing has to be exaggerated, or at least in suburbia.)

"Martha, there's a nice young man at the gate trying too sell me FiOS... Can you bring him a bowl of that squirrel stew and my checkbook?"

Comment Re:Now taking bets... (Score 2) 214

You are very, very naive. NSA IS a core part of government and they have a "intelligence" shitpile on EVERY American by now. They decided Obama's shitpile was smelling better than Romney's.

The NSA were just following orders. All the programs you are so scared of now were put in place during a Republican mandate and are only scaled up versions of what they have been doing for decades. I can only speculate why they were allowed to continue.

Complaining that a lawful government agency was following orders and fulfilling a mandate related to national security is naive.

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