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Comment Re:Even my full name... (Score 1) 213

Is very common. I'm more common than dirt.

My name is only common in relatively small parts of the world, yet there's enough people with exactly the same age that I'm very far down the list when I google myself.

However, I managed to get a gmail account relatively early so I seem to get mail for every other person with my name.

Comment Re:You can do it with just latitude / longitude (Score 1) 478

What three words?
Oh...type into my browser....
I don't get anything.

My Dad's 68, has a Phd. in Metallurgy and a masters in Physics. He's been using PCs for 30 years (and mainframes before that). I have yet to watch him follow the instructions "type into the address bar" successfully on the first try.

My step-mother actually programmed mainframes in the 70's, to get to any website she starts at google... When I visited them last month I had to remove three different search-toolbar addon/trojans ...

What surprises me is that they both understand the difference between IE, Firefox and Chrome. They figured out by themselves that they could share a single windows login most of the time if they used different browsers.

I don't know how ordinary mortals manage to be productive with computers without techie angel following them around.

Comment Re:Linus is damaging the reputation of Linux (Score 1) 1501

Yup, the amateur hour OS on nearly every supercomputer on the planet, powering most smart phones on the planet, and so many myriad other devices its staggering.

Amateur hour at its finest -- owning the planet.

That's now competing head to head against "professional" operating systems on every platform imaginable and actually winning in mobile, server and supercomputer.

(Anecdote... my brother's wife bought him a new TV last year for Xmas, we were testing it out with various inputs when I noticed the... get this... copyright notices in the menus...

"Dude, your TV is running Linux..."


"No seriously, check out that list of opensource components... and at the bottom?"

"Fuck me...")

Comment Re:start with kicking out Ballmer (Score 1) 387

Although I mostly agree with you, the reason MS has kept their market share is less about their software's technical superiority and more because of the underhanded tactics they use.

I disagree. After Vista I was highly sceptical, but honestly Win7 is the best end-user operating system I've used. (And I'm typing this on a macbook.)

Comment Re:Call the union! (Score 1) 62

You know, that's not a bad write up. Well done Mr. AC.

(I'm a professional software dev. with over a decade of experience writing large scale desktop, web and distributed systems in both C++ and Java, for the past six months I've been helping Fortune 500 companies tune their Java based servlet containers. My observation is that is about the level of technical complexity I can get into while trying to explain related problems to customers... i.e. just barely skimming the surface, but clear and accurate.)

Comment Re:what? (Score 4, Informative) 249

I also wonder if a big piece (like say a few cubic km) of ice slides in the water at few km/h. a really big tsunami ?

Yes, if that were to happen the result would be quite dramatic. But the chunk we're talking about is the leading tongue of an ice shelf that is already floating at sea level and the crack that caused this calving has been tracked since 2011 so it's not exactly a dramatic change as the media would like you to believe.

Comment Re:Really?!? (Score 1) 1448

There are more than 0 affairs that occur in those states, and they do, in fact, kill the women involved.


Not exclusively, and the current application of the law was not it's original intent.

Having a woman killed because she was raped us just as un-muslim as it was un-christian for Henry VIII (Or Bill Clinton?) to do what he did.

Cultural and religious standards are only one aspect of the problem, systemic corruption is another.

Comment Re:Not the first time (Score 1) 413

It's not a coincidence? Just what are you proposing to be the link between the two incidents?

Clearly the momentum. Damn those physicists!

Perhaps quantum entanglement would have been funnier.

Not that there's anything funny about quantum entanglement... or having one's life prematurely ended by a Neanderthal with a revoked license.

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