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Comment Re:Hulk Like Explosions! (Score 2) 364

It's funny, because Hulk/Banner is one of the deepest, most complex characters in all of comic books.

And that's why I spent my early teens reading Heinlein, Asimov and Tolkien (.. among others too numerous to mention) and trying to figure out what was wrong with my classmates who thought that comic books were the bomb.

I respect the medium, but guys... they're comic books...

Comment Re:+1, Flamebait (Score 2) 364

Regarding James Bond: The 2006 Casino Royale reboot brought the character MUCH closer to the character from the original 1950's Ian Fleming novels that many of us cherish, and have wanted to see on the big screen for decades.

Oh hell yes. As much as I like Roger Moore, he turned James Bond into a clown.

Comment Re:Chizled Stone Tablet (Score 1) 166

It may lose a bit in portability (but not to the Microsoft Surface) but when it comes to durability it simply rocks!

CST was my go-to portable device for eons, but I finally got fed up with the refresh rate and have since followed the expected upgrade path:
Clay Tablet -> Paypyrus -> Paper -> Laptop -> iPad

Comment Re:doing anything but driving while driving (Score 1) 286

Any driving course will teach you how to avoid 'highway hypnosis'. If you are in a 'sterile driving environment' (ie staring straight ahead) you are doing it wrong. The correct way to fix that is to look at different things (when it is safe to do so). However, you should NOT be dedicating a significant part of your brain to that activity (like by trying to identify a bird or something). If you are texting or phoning you ARE dedicating a significant part of your brain to that activity.

I strongly suspect that what these studies are showing us is that most people are far worse at multi-tasking than they think.

Comment Re:Why the outrage over texting... (Score 1) 286

... and these are the same people trying to ban the practical use of satnav devices while driving, leading to everyone reading maps in traffic.

I am sick of the automotive nanny state.

Way to fail at the take-away message. The point is that anything that distracts you from the act of driving is dangerous.

If your GPS makes it easier for you to drive and pay attention then that's great, if you are constantly taking your eyes off the road to look at the GPS because you're a useless idiot who can't navigate for more than five minutes without one then you shouldn't even have a car, much less a GPS.

Perhaps we're just not restricting driving licenses as much as we should. (Which would probably prevent myself or my Dad from driving....)

Comment Re:Wishful Thinking (Score 1) 438

are legally responsible for some minimum amount data security.

"Yeah, yeah, we shell out for McAfee. It's enough to cover our ass." And that's from a legally-binding minimal amount of spending view that most corporations have towards regulation and contractual obligations. If they have to have ACTUAL SECURITY, the question becomes, "how much?" Because there is no such thing as absolutely secure and there's really no upper limit to how much you can spend on it.

I'm guessing you've never worked for a military contractor.

Comment Re:well... (Score 1) 438

Actually I had to do this last year, and it was not so simple. I had no thumb drive large enough for the data I wanted to back up and transfer, and I didn't want to buy Microsoft's special cable and have old and new computer running at the same time (meaning I'd have to borrow a monitor from work to get both running at once). Had to borrow an external hard disk for this.

ok... a monkey with a network or external drive?

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