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Comment Re:Good for the economy. (Score 1) 451

Come down hard?! Hmm, no. The American people will continue to ignore what the U.S. government does as long as they keep Hollywood pumping out new episodes of "Ouch! My Balls!" If the American people really gave a fuck, then a Congress with 16% approval rating would be wiped clean rather than the majority of incumbents be re-elected.

+1 internets for you sir.

Comment Re:Good for the economy. (Score 5, Informative) 451

What is human right and human freedom that USA Government have been actively accusing other countries of lacking whereby they are spying on their own people in their own backyard? Its a disgraceful joke

You can't handle the truth.

They've been doing it for decades through their intelligence partnerships with various NATO allies. The predecessors of these systems were already in place, the post-9/11 paranoia allowed them to ramp it up to unprecedented levels all over NATO.

For example, Canada has the same rule, a Canadian agency cannot spy on Canadians without specific legal orders. However the U.S. can spy on Canadians, and Canada can spy on Americans. Quid quo pro.

As soon as you have a covert agency in any country is will find some way to dirty itself because most of the time they cannot discuss their operations with politicians.

Comment Re:First mistake, and last (Score 1) 40

Google is trying to wrestle control away from the carriers after whoring out Android under their terms when it first came out. Obviously to get carriers interested in Android phones, Google had to ensure they gave power over feature set and update release to the carriers. This "control" caused a massive fragment in the market were phones today are still being sold with Android 2 to 3 versions behind the version of Android Google wants to ship.

While it may have ultimately made Android the top phone platform on the market today, it's cause a huge headache for Google to try and now release value added features like Play Music and Apps while supporting a wide assortment of random versions. Its also a nightmare platform to develop on unless you ignore everything before Android 4 and accept the limited scope of customers.

Not sure this is the best model for Ubuntu to follow because they don't even have the clout Google has that still struggles to get control back.

Carriers need to be told that they features of a phone is defined by the phone, if their networks can't support the feature then they don't get the premium top brands to sell to customers. For instance any carrier that does not support iPhone has seen significant decline in their customer base, this forces the carrier to support the features that Apple wants, not the other way around, to get back customers.

Also this goes completely against the openness of the Ubuntu platform as carriers are more interested in "locking down" rather then "opening up". Not sure open source and phone carriers are a good synergy, this product is doomed.

These are all great points, and I don't disagree with anything per se.

However, I think you are assuming that the future must be like the past. The phone market has undergone a series of significant changes over a period of decades, the past five (+) years with the rise of Apple and then Android coupled with the collapse of Blackberry and Nokia have only accelerated that.

I suspect that as the technology becomes both more powerful and ubiquitous the easier it becomes for a small competitor or open source project (Like the raspberry pi) to effect the entire market.

Competition is good.

Comment Re:What an absolute c--t.. (Score 2) 47

As a dual British citizen, I can only say this:

his appointment to the House of Lords is a strong argument in favour of getting rid of the undemocratic House of Lords, or at least making it an elected body.

So you say that only professional politicians should be able to hold government positions?

For anyone who's lost -- the United Kingdom has this strange political system where you need to be a member of the legislative branch in order to serve on the national executive: only members of parliament can be ministers of Her Majesty's government. This would appear to imply that it is impossible to appoint a specialist as minister, since only professional politicians have a chance to be elected to parliament; in practice, appointment to the Lords is used as a workaround.

Which, as someone else has pointed out, means that a member of the House of Lords is statistically more likely to be actually useful than any elected politician anywhere.

Go figure.

Comment Re:There goes ``Omnilingual'' (maybe?) (Score 1) 87

H. Beam Piper posited that an archeological team, finding the remains of a reasonably advanced civilization would be able to puzzle out their language(s) based on the fundamentals of math and chemistry in his novel ``Omnilingual'':


I wonder what he would have thought of this, and how many other useful representations / arrangements there are of the periodic table.

Nice to see I'm not the only one who remembers this. Consider though that they confirmed the information it out from the electron shells and atomic weights since they had already found reasonable guesses for number symbols and "months", the fact that it was arranged as a table was just one of the clues used to decipher it.

(The concept of a periodic table as Rosetta Stone was reused in a Stargate episode and probably elsewhere, but Omnilingual is the oldest one I know of.)

Comment Re:+1, Flamebait (Score 1) 364

Literally. >_>

But most of the Moore Bond movies are terrible -- except for the Spy Who Loved Me. Somehow, everything worked in that feature.

A lotus that turned into a Submarine! Honestly they could have got away with no plot or actors and just done a documentary about the car. (With a Top Gear voice over of course...)

Comment Re:Hulk Like Explosions! (Score 2) 364

It's funny, because Hulk/Banner is one of the deepest, most complex characters in all of comic books.

And that's why I spent my early teens reading Heinlein, Asimov and Tolkien (.. among others too numerous to mention) and trying to figure out what was wrong with my classmates who thought that comic books were the bomb.

I respect the medium, but guys... they're comic books...

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