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Comment Re:If you already know C ... (Score 1) 387

Also his degree is in a completely non-CS related subject.

If you have a choice between two candidates for a coding job and the only difference is one had a degree in CS or Software Eng. and the other doesn't it's really not hard to make the choice.

That's probably the biggest issue, there were so many people out of work that those with relevant degrees would simply float higher up the stack of resumes.

Comment Re:Definition of a kilogram (Score 1) 299

I guess I missed the humor tag in your original post.

That's OK. You were publicly correcting someone for the misuse of units of measure.
None of us expected you to have a functional sense of humor.

Which makes me wonder, is there an internationally accepted standard unit for measuring humor?

If not I would propose the Leacock

Comment Re:Turn the question in the right direction (Score 1) 432

And it's possibly the main reason or at least one of the reasons Windows provides such a poor experience compared to everything else.

Yes and no... Sure Vista and Win 8 have been relative trainwrecks, but Windows 7 is possibly the best consumer OS out there.

(I've been using OSX daily for three years now and I still think half the UI is ass-backwards... )

Comment Re:Turn the question in the right direction (Score 1) 432

Like my XP soundcards that don't work in Vista/7? My Vista devices that don't work in win8?
How about programs that require .NET [insert non-latest version here]?

Your hardware problems are probably caused by vendors who never updated drivers. (And yes, the driver model did change, but that's not supposed to be end user software.) I've hit more than one of these myself, my 10 year old Epson scanner ceased to be useful after I moved to Win 7.

.NET is an interesting case, I think the best phrase to apply here would be "screwing the pooch". Now whether that should be applied to Microsoft for shipping it in the first place, software vendors for adopting it or end-users who can't figure out how to install a runtime without written instructions is a whole other debate.

Comment Re:Sure, why not (Score 1) 430

Self-taught programmers are superior

First reaction: Bullshit.

But I'll try not to generalize too much, and I do agree with many of your points. I will accept that many self-taught programmers are superior to the mindless drones schools are now turning out (including some I graduated with). However I suspect that if you compare the best of each you will find there's lots of things that schools do teach that you might have missed out on. (And probably vice versa...)

As you point out, the superior developers are superior because they are:

1) Smart
2) Motivated

If you take a smart and motivated person and then put them through a halfway decent school system you get something even better than the smart and motivated self-taught types.

Therefore, my counter statement would be:

Smart and motivated self-taught developers may be superior to unmotivated cookie cutter drones.

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