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Comment Re:It will mean nothing. (Score 1) 263

Uh, no. Most people care about having shiny baubles, and them being cheap. They may "claim" to care about privacy, but in practice, they give it up pretty freely.

You always said people don’t do what they believe in,
they just do what’s most convenient, then they repent.

And I always said, “Hang on to me, baby,
and let’s hope that the roof stays on”.

– Bob Dylan/Sam Shepard, “Brownsville Girl”

Comment Re:Real Question (Score 1) 501

Laptops really suck at very heavy computational processing. Desktops still hold the top of the hill when it comes to being the device you want for doing extreme computing. Laptops are great for simple development or social updating, maybe some media but past that you really need to move up to a desktop. Tablets have even less power then notebooks so unless your only writing a document and watching a movie, your out of luck. It would be great to blur the lines but were still at least 10 years out from it happening.

Agreed, my tablet has significantly reduced my "casual" computer usage, (when I behave like Joe User, email, web, social, etc.) but it's next to useless for the needs of a code geek. (Though Orion might change that.)

I think that the given a bluetooth keyboard average user can probably use a tablet to accomplish 98% of what they need, but personally I also need a high-end laptop for demos and mobile problem solving as well as a desktop with gobs of RAM and drive space for real work. (Developing, debugging, DB server, etc. etc.)

Comment Re:Press Release Here (Score 1) 501

My 64GB iPad 3 is full and I don't have anwhere near as much music as the average 20 something, or as many photos as an avid photographer might.

I'm surprised that Apple has managed to keep 64 as the maximum for so long, I would argue that 128GB and 256GB models are long overdue. (Or as people keep pointing out, microSD, heck give me a couple of microSD slots at that price.)

Comment Re:Stress is a huge factor.... (Score 1) 180

Sounds familiar, my sleep patterns went to shit after my divorce. The only thing I founds that helped is having a routine, in my case it's go to bed, read a book in dim lighting, when my eyes start to blur turn off the light.

If I don't actually go to bed I'll be up for hours watching TV or playing with a computer, once I fall into that it's hard to break out of.

If I don't read a book then my mind is still racing thinking about... well everything.

After ten years of this I can say I have an almost normal sleep pattern.... almost.

Comment Re:it's a species survival adaptation (Score 1) 180

I'm actually only about half-joking here. When you have a newborn, you get practically no sleep for months at a time, and yet people still have multiple kids. Why? Because nobody clearly remembers those early terrible sleepless months!

I was saying exactly this to my brother-in-law who just started parenting, the first five years is just one long blur. I'm not sure what's the bigger factor, PTSD or sleep depravation.

Comment Re:It would be fair... (Score 1) 475

There are perfectly legitimate reasons to unlock your cellphone. It is a matter that should be covered under contract law, not criminal law.

Absolutely, if you didn't like the terms of the contract you should not agree to it. Contrariwise, once you have accepted a locked phone at a discounted rate, don't go whining in public about how restrictive the contract you agreed to is.

Comment Re:Persecute the whistleblower (Score 2) 400

I'm going to play devil's advocate here...

I'm glad you added the preface. I'm not someone who thinks that massive copyright violations are a good idea, however there is a difference between copyright violations and theft. I really wish people would stop calling copyright violations theft.

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