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Comment Re:Solar power is subsidy of rich (Score 1) 579

"whereas a business invests $x million"
yes, money they write off(you and me pay for it),and NO company's invests 100 million hoping to make 100 million. the may invest 10 million for that, and corporation will do what ever they can to get subsidies to pay for it, and many do. So they get us to pay for it, and then they keep the profits.

"$100M in revenue for an activist group"
depends on the group, and in no way accounts for overhead.

You sir, are ignorant in corporate finance, revenue generation, and costs for non profits.

In short, calm down. If you can take tie to make bold letters, then you can take time to think they way you are spreading a message.

Comment Re:Solar power is subsidy of rich (Score 1) 579

"for people well off to afford them (e.g. most greenies"
"you are contributing to wealth inequality. "
also, wrong.

" development was not cut off from nuclear power technologies by these various rich greenie groups"
different subject, and not actually most people who want clean energy alternatives.
Those groups are general anti corporation and sciences.

Comment Re:Unbelievable (Score 1) 579

False, you sell it back at cost, they use it and the sell you energy later. YOUR cost balance out, but it's not like they don't resell the electricity you sell them.

Frankly, the idea that it's backup is something the Power companies pushes to keep people more sympathetic to their cries of 'not making enough money' and/or 'It cost too much'

Comment Re: There must be a very good reason... (Score 1) 579

Giant indoor damn.

Humans have made indoor ski resorts, so I would wager we could make an indoor damn then pump water up in the day and releases it at night.
Also, created automated system and et people to use them so things can be done during the day. Vacuum, Dishes, washer, dryer.

hmmmm. I wonder if the someone can use the excess energy to fill a tank to high pressure, and then release the pressure to generate electricity during the night?
Or a small indoor molten salt system.

Comment Re:It is... (Score -1, Offtopic) 400

"These days I don't really know why I still come here, "

then fucking leave.

" reddit has MUCH better comment quality on average"
see previous statement

"Slashdot is living off of past glory completely."
hahaha, no /. hasn't really change much. And since people who wave their dick around seem to think it matters, I've been coming here since day 3. I knaw a parent of one of the founders.
This is my 8th uid

" Back then the moderation system was state the greatest asset "
huh, I remember when there was no moderation,noob

" I'm not bitter at all"
clearly, you are.

Look, either leave and don't let the door hit you in the ass*, or stay. Just stopped fucking whining like a 4 yer old. Take it from a card carrying old guy, it makes you look bad.

*which means shut up about it

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