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Comment TIME.... (Score 1) 211

@90, Give him your time. You are missing the point of life. You don't know what he has and are just amazed, let him teach you some of what he works with, Start the day with hay Dad show me some of the things you have been working on. IT will be worth more to him and you in the long run, even after he is gone.

Comment Re:Nullified (Score 1) 388

so he is more important than all the rest of the cases? who said reasonable... ??? this is a matter of the constitution and is this constitutional not reasonable. there is a court schedule which is over burdened, and there are others who are awaiting years for a murder case to move forward is that reasonable? is it reasonable the 100's of millions of dollars in damage he did, if he did it.. nothing so far is out of the bounds of our legal system which is the argument of the OP, who stated its unconstitutional. and as for me and my job, well I would not hack into a corporation because I was upset with some politics. No I would do more to help, like I already do, feed the poor in my area, reach out and help create jobs in third world countries.. you know working to help not working to harm. We can not fix all the issues in the world, but actions come with consequences. Take action to change your world in positive ways, not destroy

Comment Re:Nullified (Score 1) 388

he has not received life, only told he could receive life, if he stole 700 credit card numbers and used them then its the combined time for each one of those crimes, plus the continued harassment for coming out as a victim, where the group continue to use blackmail to get their way, so I am sorry If I do not feel sorry for the high and mighty who believe they can commit crimes to prove their point because they know what is right, all to prove a point in a case for the traitor Manning who betrayed his fellow soldiers not because he believed in anything but because he was not getting promoted, he had no ideal what was in that data, did not have time to look at it before release, and now this Hammond commits crimes in protest and he is a hero.. Sorry I am not following it.

Comment Re:Nullified (Score 4, Interesting) 388


"8 months with no trial has completely violated his constitutional rights, therefore the state should not be able to charge him."


He was indited in March, where he went to court, There was no bail request from his lawyers, so he waits for the courts schedule to open for the case, which was July 23rd, where he did request bail but was denied. In that inditement the prosecution request time to gather evidence, which comes to now, when the scheduled opens and time is up for the prosecution. In the constitution he is given right to a speedy trial, but what does that mean? Well normally when ever the courts have the ability, or laws set by the state, but in this case this is his third time in court so he has not been waiting, so no his constitutional rights have not be violated.

but how were the actions of Hammond a good thing for people to hold up, The attitude of I do not agree with you so I will destroy your property is a childish way to act, and the conspiracy theories surrounding this case make it hard to tell truth from fiction.

Comment Re:Umm ... (Score 1) 51

open source has to be vetted and checked before it is allowed to be used, most software I see being developed for DoD, is really just for one group and they normally do not vet the code. But the use of foreign programmers is handled thought the contact and FAR. Like we can use over seas programmers on our project, but the software has to be sent to the DoD test range before implemented, if we use cleared US programmers, they do no security checks. Is it right.. no all software should be checked but its the rules, and surprisingly we get in trouble if we go beyond the contract and implement a security check the Government did not ask for, as they will say we charged hours to unauthorized work.

Comment Have been using Thin Clients World wide (Score 1) 450

I have a customer who has 1,500 desktop all have been using thin clients for five years now. Now these are Trusted Solaris using Sun Rays, giving them access to multiple classified systems from a single thin client and we replaced five physical desktop under each desk. So we reduced cost, and given the customer more flexibility. Plus now they have 2 24" monitors on each desk with multiple "Desktops" open. Another customer likes the ideal of not having to replace workstations every 2 -3 years. It all matters on the Goal.

Comment Re:Surprise move? (Score 1) 1505

you could buy a bond and not insurance Types of financial responsibility A motor vehicle liability insurance policy A cash deposit of $35,000 with DMV A DMV issued self-insurance certificate A surety bond for $35,000 from a company licensed to do business in California. so no, you are not required to buy car insurance from anyone in CA just to drive a car. You just have to have money to pay for an accident.

8-Year-Old Receives Patent 142

Knile writes "While not the youngest patent recipient ever (that would be a four year old in Texas), Bryce Gunderman has received a patent at age 8 for a space-saver that combines an outlet cover plate with a shelf. From the article: '"I thought how I was going to make a lot of money," Bryce said about what raced through his brain when he received the patent.'"

Comment definition (Score 1) 257

I thought the definition of Dwarf Planet was: Large Enough to be round (that is enough mass to create a Spheric shape). Both meet this requirement even if Pluto is bigger Orbit the Sun. Only Pluto Have a clear Orbit no on Pluto and no on Eris Ceres is the only other object that is unquestioned as a Dwarf Planet. If Pluto is seen as bigger than Eris, then given that it is dose not have a clear orbit for as much as I know.. which is not much, means it should not be listed, or never should have been, as a Dwarf Planet.

Comment Re:NT 7.0 or NT 8.0? (Score 1) 337

Depending on DOD system, The New DISA Gold Disk and the WASP should have Win 7 as a part of the check. I am testing this week to see if the Aug versions did indeed check. This would take care of you SRTM and testing Phase. If its Navy, I am working on adding it to DDAMS, once testing is complete. Slow I know, but getting there.

The Bomb Squad Olympiad Starts Today 43

The bomb suit relay and the robot obstacle course are just two of the events you can enjoy at the Bomb Squad Olympiad. Over the next three days squads from across South Carolina will compete and showcase their bomb defusing capabilities for the public. I hear the deep fried dynamite is especially good.

Comment Re:really (Score 1) 258

Wow so you spec out a system twice as powerful and this means something, Dell E6500 Sucks.. Work pays for it so it does the job paid for, but playing SC2 nope. IT stutters playing Age of empires Probably the crappy Quadro NVS 160m video card. But seriously comparing 4 cores to a dual core? How dose your system @ all relate? Plus this is a Laptop, and a Dell for that matter.. Slow ram, Slow harddrive. Run VMware well, SC2 stutter, hell AOE III stutter.

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