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Comment Excited, but... (Score 2) 257

I really enjoyed the trailer, and I'm very much looking forward to the film. I'll catch a midnight showing, no doubt.


Don't some of the dwarves look a bit, well, silly? Is it the make-up? Is it just their design? I'm uncertain. But something doesn't quite fit right with some of their looks.

Comment Re:Walter Kovacs responds: (Score 1) 590

>Hell, all those liberals and intellectuals and smooth-talkers.

Stupid liberals with their non-discriminatory laws, weekends, and social safety nets. Stupid intellectuals who don't believe in god or starting a posse!

> Decent men who believed in a day's work for a day's pay

Funny how that didn't work out too well during the industrial revolution when the market was in charge and it took regulation and labor unions as well as massive protests before that was even possible.

Ugh, I love how Rorschach went from being a complete and utter right-wing psychopath to the posterboy of "common sense" in America. Wow, just wow.

I'm out of points, someone please mod gad_zuki! up.


Submission + - Web Browser Grand Prix 7: Firefox 7, Chrome 14, Op (tomshardware.com) 1

An anonymous reader writes: Firefox 7 was released a couple days ago, and now the latest Web browser perfromance numbers are in. This article is the same series that ran benchmarks on Mac OS X Lion last month. This time around the new Mozilla release is going against Chrome 14 and Opera 11.51 in 40+ different tests on Windows 7. Testing comes from every category of Web browsing perfromance I can think of: startup time, page load time, JS, CSS, DOM, HTML5, Flash, hardware acceleration, WebGL, Java, Silverlight, reliable page loads, memory usage/management, and standards confromance. The article also has a little feature on the Futuremark Peacekeeper browser benchmark. An open beta of the next revision has just been made public. This new version adds HTML5, video codecs, and WebGL tests to the benchmark. It's also designed to run on any browser/OS/device combination — e.g. Windows desktop, iPad, Droid 2, MacBook, Linux flavors, etc. Another great read, a must for Web browser fanatics!

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Advice for using a cell phone in Ch

Oyjord writes: Hi all,

I am going to China in March, and I was curious what kind of cell phone hardware and plans American travelers use while there. I honestly don't like cell phones (and I currently use the Drug Dealer Throwaway Special Du Jour) but I thought I'd look into one with a good data plan, so I could perhaps take pics and upload them on the spot, and perhaps use the phone's internal GPS as opposed to taking my Garmin along, etc.

Thanks for the advice,

Submission + - Mozilla develops Gladius 3D game engine (geek.com)

An anonymous reader writes: Mozilla is developing its own 3D engine called Gladius as part of a wider Paladin project whose aim it is to bring 3D to the web. As all programmers know, the best way to learn is to experiment, and that's exactly what Mozilla is doing. In order to develop Gladius the team decided to create a game called RescueFox (best played in Firefox). It's a very basic prototype, and Mozilla have no interest in taking it further, but the purpose it served was to highlight what still needs to be done to make Gladius a solid web browser 3D engine solution.

Comment Perspective from the humanities.... (Score 1) 772

I'm a 40 year old history professor, but I've lurked at Slashdot for years on account of my hidden/closeted geek side.

I've just now started to learn Arabic and Mandarin Chinese. Back in college I studied Russian, and mastered it quite quickly. I am progressing nicely in Mandarin and Arabic, but by no means am I mastering them at the same pace I mastered Russian 20 years ago.

Though some here are denying it, yes, as you get older it does become more difficult to learn. Not impossible, just more difficult. We now have wives, kids, job, mortgages, and home repairs to occupy our time, so of course making time to learn new languages is difficult. But it's more than that. Our brains simply aren't the same as they were 20 years ago. I'm no MD, but this is simply a function of the evil which is "aging."

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