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Comment Re:Can't America get its acts together ? (Score 1) 1059

You seem to think that the deficit is proportional to the debt, when in fact the deficit is the first derivative of the debt. There's no proportional relationship at all. That is, even when your deficit is small, your debt is still INCREASING.

The relationship is still there -- whether exponential or linear, the fact is that *both* debt and deficit become more irrelevant the further out you go, due to inflation.

The debt is always growing exponentially, but the inflation and economic growth overshadow it. The total debt in 1970? 350 billion. Total government receipts just last year? Two and a half trillion. So, *all* the debt accumulated up to 1970 can be considered irrelevant today.

40 years from now, total current debt will be irrelevant, as well.

Comment Re:Can't America get its acts together ? (Score 3, Insightful) 1059

It is fundamental that you can't spend more than you take in indefinitely.

It's not quite true... Due to inflation, increase in GDP, etc., the debt from N years ago becomes irrelevant, where N isn't all that large. If you look at the history of the revenue vs. spending, you'll see that US had a deficit pretty much every year since 1940s:

You'll also notice that in the 1980s, the deficit was about the half of the percentage points of GDP that it is now, and it's already peanuts compared to the current GDP and current revenue. The World War II deficit was 3x the current, per year, yet by the time 70s came around, it was equivalent of 2% of GDP.

So, yeah, if your economy is growing, then you can keep spending more than you make. Many growing companies do that all the time, as it's cheaper to take out debt then to make money in other ways.

Comment Re:Poor comparison (Score 2) 163

A15 is much more power efficient than A8 (and A9, which was the one being actually compared). It uses more power, but it provides higher performance per watt.

Comparing two CPUs and saying that one is more power efficient than the other because it uses less power is meaningless, otherwise the old 8086 kicks the new Atom's ass in "power efficiency".

Comment Re:Math is FUNdamental (Score 1) 1719

Here's a hint. That 5 gal bucket of hypochlorate intended to kill the algae in your swimming pool can make a bomb big enough to blow a house into splinters. It is frequently used as an oxidizer in rocket fuel. Guess what, unless you go on a binge on buying the stuff, the checkout lady won't even look twice about you buying it! Make it into a bomb? Crush the shit up, blender it with some deisel fuel, and pour it into a sturdy container. Use a model rocket engine as the ignition source. One improvised explosive device, all ready to go.

Or, if you want a dangerous high explosive, you can go the more complicated route of putting ammonium nitrate into a bunch of 1 gal glass cider jugs, attaching some labgrade tubing to a glass shunt inserted into a stopcock, and putting aquarium bubbler stones on the other side, dropping some copper items into the cider jugs, corking them off, and using the resulting nitrogen oxide gasses to produce clean nitric acid with some distilled water. After that, you simply titrate out a nice supply of ETN explosive using the big bottle of truvia brand sweetener as the erythritol source. A 16oz bottle of truvia sweetener will get you one hell of a bomb.

For the above mentioned poison, you hermitically burn the bloodmeal without an oxygen source, and bubble the gas through a tall cylender of water. (Such as in a high temperature glass crucible). After that, the method of delivery is a subject best left for the madman; one I felt would be particularly nasty would be to add the hydrocyanic acid to some freshly milled mazipan, then chocolate coat it and hand it out. Marzipan already contains very small quantities of hydrocyanate from the bitter almonds used for flavoring, so it would be completely undetectable by the victim.

Are you seriously saying that those are equally hard to kill 30 people in a school as walking in with guns and shooting? You are going to hand out poisonous Marzipan bars in kindergarten to 30 kids that will eat it without anybody stopping you? Do you really think that building a chemistry set at home and learning to titrate is as easy as picking up a gun? And, how are you going to get into the school, blow up the front door, and then get kids to nicely wait in the classroom while you get in and set up another round?

There's a reason why almost all mass killings here are with guns -- they are by far the easiest way to kill a whole bunch of people. The fact that it's possible to do it another way doesn't make it nearly as easy.

Comment Re:If we're going to survive long term (Score 1) 352

"woah... well' we're in Canada now. Health care isn't that expensive here -- even for foreigners."

No? Last time I had a foreign visitor go visit the emergency room, we got hit up by a $450 bill for having a blood test done. After sitting there for 8 hours.

I've seen the health care in both places, and my experience is that it costs the same, you just don't get to see the bills in Canada unless you bring a foreigner to the doctor.

I enjoyed not having to pay in Canada, but I enjoy not having to wait in US.

Comment Re:When is it ok to discuss gun proliferation? (Score 1) 2987

The weapon itself is interchangeable - although it was a gun this time, it just as easily could have been a bomb, poison gas, or a well-aimed car. Our choice as a society is whether we want to enumerate and ban all the things people can use as weapons, or if we'd rather figure out why people want to use weapons in the first place.

I don't agree. It most definitely is not easy to replace the gun with poison gas or a bomb -- neither can be purchased legally and are much harder for the average person to get to. A well-aimed car could never take out a classroom full of kids and a number of adults. There is absolutely nothing that is as easily available and can cause similar damage as a firearm.

That's not to say that we shouldn't work on the problem of getting people to stop wanting to hurt random people in malls and schools. While we do that, it would make sense to also make it harder for those that want to do it, though.

Comment Re:It is truly frightening (Score 4, Insightful) 206

"MAD" was exactly what the prevention was about. If you have a system that's going to kill the opponent even after he kills you, then they will likely not try to kill you in the first place.

If Russians felt, at any time, that a quick strike would take the US revenge capability, they'd be a lot more likely to strike than if they knew that moon nukes would be coming afterwards.

Comment Re:Sounds like a good tech that would be abused (Score 1) 133

Doing this would be a bad idea. BT MAC can be spoofed so pranksters could make trouble. Speeders could turn off BT in their cars.

However, I do think it is very technically feasible to do it.

Wait, so you're saying the system is easily corruptible and bypassable, but it still makes it feasible? To use the common phrase around here, I don't think that word means what you think it means.

Comment Re:BB10 Demo by RIM CEO (Score 1) 122

"The application grid is a paradigm that was introduced five years ago, and we have completely changed that", he says, as he opens up the application grid.

Then he proceeds to show us the revolutionary multi-tasking interface, which is in a 2x2 grid.

I hope they plan to have some better demos soon.

Comment Re:Efficiency! (Score 1) 236

You are comparing completely two different setups that are measuring the power usage of different things, running very different loads. One is a heavy GPU benchmark measuring the cpu/gpu power usage, the other is total system power of a lightly loaded unit, dominated by memory and wireless chip power.

Even if they were running the same thing, the comparison would still make no sense without looking at actual performance numbers. I could run a CPU benchmark on Cortex A-8 for a total TDP of under 2W -- would that mean that that's the best chip of them all?

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