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Comment Re:It is truly frightening (Score 4, Insightful) 206

"MAD" was exactly what the prevention was about. If you have a system that's going to kill the opponent even after he kills you, then they will likely not try to kill you in the first place.

If Russians felt, at any time, that a quick strike would take the US revenge capability, they'd be a lot more likely to strike than if they knew that moon nukes would be coming afterwards.

Comment Re:Sounds like a good tech that would be abused (Score 1) 133

Doing this would be a bad idea. BT MAC can be spoofed so pranksters could make trouble. Speeders could turn off BT in their cars.

However, I do think it is very technically feasible to do it.

Wait, so you're saying the system is easily corruptible and bypassable, but it still makes it feasible? To use the common phrase around here, I don't think that word means what you think it means.

Comment Re:BB10 Demo by RIM CEO (Score 1) 122

"The application grid is a paradigm that was introduced five years ago, and we have completely changed that", he says, as he opens up the application grid.

Then he proceeds to show us the revolutionary multi-tasking interface, which is in a 2x2 grid.

I hope they plan to have some better demos soon.

Comment Re:Efficiency! (Score 1) 236

You are comparing completely two different setups that are measuring the power usage of different things, running very different loads. One is a heavy GPU benchmark measuring the cpu/gpu power usage, the other is total system power of a lightly loaded unit, dominated by memory and wireless chip power.

Even if they were running the same thing, the comparison would still make no sense without looking at actual performance numbers. I could run a CPU benchmark on Cortex A-8 for a total TDP of under 2W -- would that mean that that's the best chip of them all?

Comment Re:Good! Maybe they strike the stupid laws over th (Score 3, Insightful) 510

I haven't found a VW or Audi dealer who won't place a factory order with fewer options than anything on their lot

I've had a completely different experience with VW. The dealer said that he could order the car with options I wanted, but would not consider anything less than MSRP. That's for a car that they were selling for anywhere between $3000 and $4000 off of MSRP for the ones on the lot.

In practice, it was equal to a refusal to order it. I ended up getting a Nissan...

Comment Re:Efficiency! (Score 1) 236

Sure, so why don't you start off by telling us why an Exynos Cortex A-15 chip running a web benchmark is using about 8 watts of power, with the display turned off so only SoC power is being measured, while Intel has already demoed a full-blown Haswell running Unigine Heaven at... 8 watts

Wait, wait... are you trying to say that in a notebook system doing wireless web surfing, the only sources of power are the CPU and the display?

If so, you are way off.

Comment Re:Ceiling Lighting (Score 1) 317

but by building a plane that's years ahead of what Airbus can produce, they're increasing the value of their brand.

Yes, all of two years. Of course, A350 could run late, but that's the current plan -- late 2014.

Comment Re:So, the next MIPS? (Score 1) 93

I say maybe A15, because from Anandtech's latest review here, Samsung's Exynos 5250 using A15 cores does not have a prayer of getting into smartphones using 5W at load. Your smartphone will be dead in an hour of web browsing with that kind of power draw.

The maximum load is just that, something that the CPU can output when maximum processing is needed, which certainly isn't web browsing. These CPUs scale down both the voltage and frequency when "simple" tasks are needed of them. On top of that, you're going to see a lot of this configuration in phones, too.

Comment Re:Apple has shown the way for Motorola. (Score 2) 582

So you are saying that patent infringement occurs only when *every* product you offer infringes? How ridiculous.

No, the point was that Samsung had plenty of phones that "look like iPhone" before iPhone came out, as much as Samsung Galaxy looks like an iPhone. You can't hand-pick a few of their older phone that look very different and then make a point that they changed their designed after iPhone came out.

Comment Re:Yay Cortex A-15! (Score 5, Insightful) 160

Well, ARM designs the IPs that will go into those products... and they are ready to start selling the IP. It takes a couple of years to build SOCs around them, and then to build the devices.

ARM is selling their product now, their customers will announce their products when they are ready. You can't expect them to keep quiet about what they're trying to sell until it's in an actual phone.

Comment Re:Not criminal? (Score 1) 652

As an american, I strongly suggest that anyone from outside to not visit us. This is a Police State, we like tromping on freedoms here. and they treat non citizens WORSE than citizens.

Bah, you need to go live in some of these other places to appreciate how good you have it. I've lived in two other countries before moving here, one of them being an actual police state where people disappear when they openly complain about the government.

I travel to Canada and back a lot, and the airport staff on the US side is always more friendly and courteous, and treat my kids the best. Appreciate that their job is tedious and don't be an asshole, and people will treat you with respect.

Comment Re:"Genetic Handicap" (Score 1) 246

ARM certainly doesn't have the profit margin's

Intel has operating/profit margins of 30/22%, while ARM Holdings has 37/27%.

On top of that, ARM wouldn't engage in a price war with Intel directly, as they don't sell any processors themselves. Intel would be fighting other giants like Samsung, Qualcomm, Apple, nVidia, etc. Samsung itself has almost 50% higher market cap than Intel.

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