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Comment Re:Apple has shown the way for Motorola. (Score 2) 582

So you are saying that patent infringement occurs only when *every* product you offer infringes? How ridiculous.

No, the point was that Samsung had plenty of phones that "look like iPhone" before iPhone came out, as much as Samsung Galaxy looks like an iPhone. You can't hand-pick a few of their older phone that look very different and then make a point that they changed their designed after iPhone came out.

Comment Re:Yay Cortex A-15! (Score 5, Insightful) 160

Well, ARM designs the IPs that will go into those products... and they are ready to start selling the IP. It takes a couple of years to build SOCs around them, and then to build the devices.

ARM is selling their product now, their customers will announce their products when they are ready. You can't expect them to keep quiet about what they're trying to sell until it's in an actual phone.

Comment Re:Not criminal? (Score 1) 652

As an american, I strongly suggest that anyone from outside to not visit us. This is a Police State, we like tromping on freedoms here. and they treat non citizens WORSE than citizens.

Bah, you need to go live in some of these other places to appreciate how good you have it. I've lived in two other countries before moving here, one of them being an actual police state where people disappear when they openly complain about the government.

I travel to Canada and back a lot, and the airport staff on the US side is always more friendly and courteous, and treat my kids the best. Appreciate that their job is tedious and don't be an asshole, and people will treat you with respect.

Comment Re:"Genetic Handicap" (Score 1) 246

ARM certainly doesn't have the profit margin's

Intel has operating/profit margins of 30/22%, while ARM Holdings has 37/27%.

On top of that, ARM wouldn't engage in a price war with Intel directly, as they don't sell any processors themselves. Intel would be fighting other giants like Samsung, Qualcomm, Apple, nVidia, etc. Samsung itself has almost 50% higher market cap than Intel.

Comment Re:Complicated Story (Score 1) 246

ARM is competing with itself. With all those companies making ARM chips they have significant price competition which will lead to reduced R&D budgets.

On the other hand, with so many companies trying to build their own high-end ARM cores, the total ARM R&D budget is enormous. It guarantees that there never will be a bad ARM generation, as at least a couple of those companies will have a winner in every round.

Or perhaps they'll license ARM instruction set only

ARM makes money whoever licenses their stuff. If Intel pays for it, they are only better off.

Comment Re:Semi-Accurate on why AMD is cratering (Score 1) 331

Since you are raising doubts, I decided to do a check. I remembered that AMD had layoffs in 2011. Did Charlie accurately report on those?

Again, the facts that he repeats from his sources are fine, it's the outlandish analysis that I have the problem with. Everybody and their dog in the industry knows about October 25th AMD layoffs, and that they are going to hit Markham hard. But he then takes those two (accurate) facts, and makes a crazy story about how AMD is going to outsource graphics because of "personal fiefdoms" that target the "Canadian outpost".

It's the same as the post you quote about the last round... He was told about the layoffs, but decided to add a bit of flair by saying they'll be wiping out executives, even though it ended being the usual "bottom 10%" cleanup.

Comment Re:Semi-Accurate on why AMD is cratering (Score 2) 331

He is an analyst; his job is to write analyses. He has been rather harsh on AMD, but then he has been harsh on Intel and harsh on nVidia also.

I didn't disagree that that's his job, I'm just saying that he does it poorly. He has a sprinkle of insider information, and paints a very inaccurate picture around it. He probably heard that AMD is planning on licensing out its graphics cores, and misunderstood it as outsourcing. Or, he heard that Markham location will be hit hard and he thinks graphics cores are done there, but they haven't been for many years.

The graphics cores are one thing where AMD is still near the leading edge, and Rory Read has repeatedly said that he wants to restructure the company to use its strengths better. If they start outsourcing things, graphics will be the last one to go, when they sell of the company and shut the doors.

It's one thing to be harsh, AMD deserves it, it's another to be completely inaccurate.

Comment Re:I always opt out (Score 1) 168

(this particular machine is a ambient-microwave imager, it emits no radiation whatsoever) but as a (albiet incredibly weak) political statement -- I feel that if nobody opted out, soon enough nobody would be able to.

I don't think I understand what statement are you making? You are worried that we will never be able to choose to be hand-searched instead of machine-searched?

If you turned around and refused to be searched altogether, that would be a political statement. Choosing to be searched one way instead of the other, when you feel that they are both equally safe, is no statement at all, in my opinion.

Comment Re:OTA (Score 1) 376

I'd bet tempted to pay if I could watch the show clean in real time but they won't offer it except on most DVDs.

You can pay to watch many shows per-episode in close to real-time... Amazon, Google, and Apple all offer it, and there are probably others, too.

Compared to Netflix, it's expensive. But, compared to cable subscription, it's still quite cheap.

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