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Comment Some differences between Starcraft and Poker (Score 1) 122

Your statement stands for observing, but here are some other thoughts on the two games:

Speaking as someone who played in a reasonably high level in both: Made the first Blizzard world championships in Brood War, and made 1000x my initial bankroll in Poker:

In Starcraft, you will only win tournaments if you're really good. In Poker, you don't need to be the best to win tournaments.

Because you need to be really good in Starcraft to win, there isn't much money for players who aren't top 1000 players.
Because anyone can win in Poker, sometimes you play perfectly and still lose.
If you're a top 10000, but not top 1000 player in Poker, you'll still make money just beating up on people worse than you. There is no such money to be had in Starcraft.

In Starcraft the ladder ranking system makes you a 50% player unless you're top 10 on the server, or you're at the bottom of the ladder. In Poker, it is pretty easy to find people worse than you and get over 50% rating when you're not top 10 in the world.

Comment This reminds me of my distopian space RPG I wrote (Score 1) 85

Earth is destroyed, and everyone wants to cooperate in the space colonies, so it is a hyper democracy. Everyone is a politician and votes for things over the Internet. Also trials are held on the Internet with people voting if someone is guilty or not. If he is guilty, people are free to suggest a punishment on a forum, and the comment with the most votes gets to be the "criminal's" punishment. Let us just say,"Cruel and unusual punishment is basically the rule" Finally back to mob-justice, and with such a large mob too!

Comment So I assume Firefox won't work with next patch? (Score 1, Interesting) 289

I still remember the day when Microsoft updated one of their Windows versions(I think Win98?) and Netscape would not run because they removed a .dll.
Also Embrace, Extend, Extinguish was put on cool down for 10 years. That stuff got really old. Why try to make something useful when Microsoft would just catch wind of it and redo it?

I have no problem with OS bundling though. I bet people have some nice bundles of software ready with Linux. Once multiplatform aps become the rule instead of exception, people won't have a real reason to stick with M$ unless M$ really invests in new technologies. I'd like them to take what they got with Kinect and apply it for all known objects in the world, maybe be the people who solve robotic vision, and let us have robots that can interact in the world safely.

Comment You're right dude (Score 1) 393

Slashdot is one of the best I've seen. If you allow anyone to be a moderator, and have unlimited points past 5, you get all sorts of people gaming the system... And the hivemind. Besides those systems were no doubt influenced by Slashdot

I've thought of a superior system to, where instead of everyone getting upvote/downvote priviledges on a global pool of points, you could have factional voting. An example is Democrats don't like what Republicans post: So if there are more Dems than Reps, the Reps get downvoted into oblivion. Now if you had your faction, you could see what your faction felt on the subject not influenced by counter factions. It takes some thought in how to do the server code, or you end up with bad server times or glitchy cases where someone changes their faction, and all the votes change.

Comment Don't hire HR people who can't also code (Score 1) 948

I can't help think that inept HR is one of the reasons I could never find a job in the past 9 years after graduating from Carnegie Mellon with a BS scientific computing and most of my free time is spent in coding since I was at a young age. I even tried coding a MMORPG knowing how successful they'd be before any MMORPGS were out. I gave up when Ultima Online was released because I am not skilled as an artist and could no longer compete.

Thankfully I found a team of Christian video game developers( on Twitter who helped me learn Flash and we made a game on our own, without any funding. Play it for free here

I only show that I can make a game to show that indeed I am very competent. In the past 9 years, I sent out *thousands* of resumes, and I think I got a grand total of 3 interviews.
PS: If you don't know, AS3 is really similar to C++ with almost exactly the same syntax, but a lot easier. So if you were wondering to pick up Flash and you have a lot of C/C++ experience, pick it up!
Anyway, I'm still with Tangerine Pop for the next year as we make a Facebook presence. Hopefully we can make millions because that would almost make up for the fact I was getting about no income for the past 9 years.

Comment AI isn't far off (Score 1, Interesting) 129

AI just needs to solve video cameras and laser range finders into a 3d representation. Once AI knows what is in its environment, robots can do all sorts of tasks and even understand natural language as a programming language. You can even make an AI which appears self aware by giving it desires to do different tasks, but that is kinda wreckless in my opinion. This AI isn't really that far off in the future. I know I'll be developing it when we got the software for turning environments into 3d levels. Imagine the Google cars driving down streets and instead of just taking picture, they're databasing the world for some sort of awesome MMORPG Cannonball run across continents. Imagine taking a video camera into the city and turning it into a big quake level. Once this is doable, it is going to be a race to have vision recognition of what is being looked at, who knows what player will do it? Open source I'm looking in your direction.

Comment I like Android because it supports Flash (Score 0) 514

I just recently got my video game I worked on all last year published this week Play it if you want

Flash is a very fun language to program in, it has almost identical syntax to C/C++ so it is easy to pick up, it has garbage collection so it is hard to memory leak, array creation is beyond easy, and displaying graphics never was this easy.

I'm gonna keep making games in Flash, and maybe make some Android phone/tablet games.

I think Apple just shoots itself in the foot by not supporting Flash.

Comment To me the ratings system is a complete failure. (Score 1) 115

I hang out with my 8 yr old cousin sometimes. He roughly says,"I want to play a mature game, all the cool kids play games designed for older kids above their age." He then says,"I want gore and language in my games" If there wasn't a system in place that rated gore and language, he probably wouldn't care. But since there is a system in place, he wants this stuff because it is what older and "cool kids" get.

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