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Comment Advertisements for the poor (Score 2) 167

Has anyone ever thought of making a website where you watch nothing but advertisements with the knowledge that the money made for the website goes directly to feeding the poor?

If you're not all out altruistic, you could say 1/2 the money goes to the poor.

All you would need to do is throw in occasional captcha like mechanisms to make sure they're still watching behind their computer.

People would get a running tally of how much money they earned for the poor.

Comment Not only does typing speed help (Score 1) 545

Not only does typing speed help, but once you realize long variable names slows your coding down, you can even optimize for that. Conventional wisdom says to write long variable names to aid with documentation, and I agree, but there is a trade off between speed of typing and long variable names also. The faster you type, and the faster your compiler, the quicker you can revise and test code. It does matter, but it isn't the biggest factor in coding.

Submission + - Blizzard gets judgement overturned over WoW bots ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: Ninth Circuit reversed a $6.5 million judgment for Blizzard against MDY Industries saying that making bots is not copyright infringement. The bad news? They did violate the DMCA Section 1201(a)(2) which prohibits trafficking in products that circumvent technologies designed to control access to copyright protected works.

Comment Re:Problem is... (Score 1) 188

Yes. There are discounted used games, and free indie games. The market says if you can get a substitute good for a lot less, you might go with it.

When there was nothing that compared to Super Mario Bros 1, people were willing to pay 50$ for it. If Super Mario Bros 1 debuted in 2011, it wouldn't make as much money as it did in 1985. People expect more now for less money. It is just how the market works.

I'm a video game developer myself, and I don't see anything wrong with this. I think it is a good thing. If all the games from 5+ years are available for free, the only thing people would buy would be sequels(games with more scope), or new and creative things. If the market saturates, it makes developers have to get more creative to find new genres and such.

Submission + - Diamond Drop: A Flash Puzzle game (

CrazyJim1 writes: I ported this game to teach myself Flash(AS3) from C/C++. Flash is a lot like C/C++. If you wondered if it is worth learning Flash and you know C/C++, pick it up if you want to do web games. Diamond Drop is fun if you like puzzle games. It is fresh and different. There is strategy involved and I don't know what the best method for getting a highscore is. You could try dropping the pieces fast, like Tetris, and play quickly for score. You can try setting up combos for score. Finally there is the possibility of repeatedly clearing the entire board, but that is really tricky to do and some luck is involved. Post your highscore and tell your strategy for playing.

Comment Is this offtopic? (Score -1, Offtopic) 190

I just discovered a puzzle game I wrote in Flash last year, and I'm letting people know it's there in case they want to play. I originally wrote this in C/C++, but then ported to Flash in order to learn the Flash language. Turns out Flash is almost identical to C/C++ except Flash is actually easier to code in. If you were wondering if you ever wanted to pick up Flash to do webgames and you know C/C++, do it!

Play Diamond Drop

Comment Has anyone talked about Robo-Rail? (Score 1) 257

One reason cars took off and rail remained the solution for freight is that cars can drive to different locations. What if someone made a rail network where the switches to different rails was done completely by computer? You get in your mini rail car, program your destination... Then the computer routes you to your destination... Everyone talks about the self driving car, but that technology is at least 10 years down the road. We could technologically roll out robo-rail in a year or two. We have all the technologies for robo-rail. The problem is the infrastructure is all set up for cars. So you need to be creative on the roll out, maybe wire up a community with them so you park outside the city, but in the city, it is all robo-rail taxis.

My question is: Why isn't the tech community talking about Robo-Rail a lot? All you hear about is self driving cars.

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