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Comment Re:More reprsentative stats please (Score 1) 390

Hmm, I suppose you're using an older version and IE11 has actually improved then, as the one thing where IE definitely isn't slow is startup; the window opens almost instantly. There's also no noticable difference in the time it takes to open between IE11 and Firefox 26 on my system (not much longer than one second, which frankly is good enough for me. Of course it's also possible that you're just more sensitive about such issues than I am.)

Comment Re:More reprsentative stats please (Score 1) 390

Could you give an example of a site where IE seems slow? I mostly use Firefox but very occasionally try IE (11), and I don't notice any speed difference. I also check out Chrome every now and then, its performance doesn't seem any different compared to Firefox or IE either.

I don't like the font rendering in IE though; fonts look very different compared to Firefox and are harder to read.

Comment Re:Windows keys? (Score 2) 459

I use it all the time, both in Windows (8.1 currently) and Debian GNU/Linux (with xbindkeys). It has a lot of useful shortcuts in Windows by default and I've configured several on the Linux side too.

I mean no offense, but someone not using the winkey seems to me as incredulous as it apparently seems to you that people would use it very often. For example, do you really click the start button with a mouse and then select Run... instead of Win+R? Or search without pressing Win+F (or Winkey on its own, or Win+W for settings search)? Not to mention Win+1, Win+2 etc. to run and focus taskbar pinned applications.

Comment Re:Can't directly compare PC and phone sales ... (Score 4, Interesting) 511

I wonder at which point smartphones will become fast enough so that people will stick the same phone for at least five years or so.

Of course they're more prone to physically breaking than the desktop PC, so they'll be replaced sooner than desktops no matter how well they're performing.

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