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Comment Re:The craptastic Windows 8 is Microsoft's time bo (Score 1) 829

I wonder if it's a settings issue (which would make it PEBKAC) but on my computer Windows 8 is more responsive than the latest version of Linux Mint I tried was (fairly sure it was version 14). The much-hated start screen appears instantly after pressing the super key, while there's a tiny but still noticeable delay until the Cinnamon start menu appears. Firefox also runs smoother on Windows than Linux in my experience.

There are many valid complaints to be made of Windows 8, but responsiveness is not one of its issues.

Comment Re:Why spend on something for no extra value? (Score 1) 829

Could you give an example of a feature that you (or your business) would consider big and important enough to upgrade?
And if you remember could you tell which XP feature was the Big One that made you upgrade from Windows 2000 (unless you were running something else before and XP was merely the standard choice at the time you bought the machines).

(I might sound like I'm just arguing, but I'm genuinely curious.)

Comment Re:areas of specialization (Score 1) 148

I don't know about Python either, although I've been wanting to get into it. Of course, I wouldn't apply for a Python job in the first place. On the other hand I'm sure I've missed job opportunities sometimes because I tend to underestimate my abilities and only apply if I'm sure I can do the job, unlike those people i kan reed was talking about earlier.

Comment Re:Said every IT person. Ever. (Score 1) 202

Because it's dull and boring. Do you vacuum the floor of your house weekly? Or change the bedsheets? Clean the toilet? Dust (even just cleaning the dust out of your PC)?

I don't change the bedsheets quite that often but otherwise yes. Are you suggesting that most people actually don't? I get your point but I think the comparisons are quite bad. Most people probably value a clean home, whereas few understand the value of backups (until they lose data).

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