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Comment Re:define "Automated Access" (Score 2) 175

What if he had composed a single page with references to all the documents. The page could have been local or anywhere in the world. Then used a regular web browser with the feature "open all referred pages". There would not even be a programmed access issue in the case, it would have been the ruleset/functionality of a normal web browser that he leveraged. There would be no malicious ruleset abuse. Just levaraging of the normal process.

This is the way the internet works. He broke nothing, he misused nothing. He used the normal interactive process supported by HTTP request transfer agents.

Internet Rule #1: If you don't want it accessed don't put it on the net.
Corrollary #1: If it is on the net it will be accessed in all ways and forms.

Comment define "Automated Access" (Score 2, Insightful) 175

All access to computers is automated. I push a button or move a mouse it becomes that is interperted by the device interface which becomes a coded interaction moveing through layers of interface code to an application. The application then does something with the input given it. It is all automated. What happens depends on all the layers.

Browsers fetch all the data refered to on a "page" this can result in data fetches from 100's of places. I doubt any modern page is composed of data from a single fetch.

The "page" displayed by a browser is composed of data from many sources. Your browser does this automatically following a ruleset built into it. How is this structurally different from a automated fetcher which follows its own rule set and gets data from many sources? The difference is not the automation of multiple fetches, it is not the interaction with the human, the only different is the ruleset used to do the collecting of data.

My question is how do they describe how one automated rule set, say that used by a browser, is legal, while another ruleset, say that used by a sweeper is illegal? Both are fully automated fetch processes. They just have different rule-sets.

Comment Following Orders (Score 4, Insightful) 287

"It's not my fault, I was just following orders."

I thought as a society we had long ago decided that was not an excuse. I thought all lawyers on whatever side were agents of the judicial system and were looking for justice.

It seems our society has forgotten something. If you are doing wrong you are responsible, no matter the chain of command, it is an individuals responsibility to not do wrong and to reject a bad system. This should go doubly so for any agents of the justice system.

Shame on the system. Shame on the individual.

Comment Not belief, science is testable hypothesis (Score 4, Informative) 444

Belief has nothing to do with science. All science is testable, or it is not science.

a) genetic inheritance is observable in a lab if you have a couple of weeks and handful of flies
b) genetic inheritance and mortality leads to evolution
c) we have fossil records to support (b) occured in the past

All testable against the null hypothesis. So it is clear science.

Comment Blind Faith vs Science (Score 3, Interesting) 167

The major power structures, church and state, are formed around blind faith.
They know what is best and will do it for you. You just have to believe.

Science is based around inquiry and questioning what is going on.

To accept science you must be open to doubt.
The major power structures are based on doubt and questioning being a very very bad thing.

If we want science to go up we must become free of the current power structures.

Comment Ministry of Information (Score 2) 1063

The Ministry of Information would like to remind the proud citizens of the United States that we are Number One. No actual information can refute the fact that the US is Number One. Propaganda of this type is to be reported at once to the Minister of Information.

Please continue on and remember the United States is Number One.
An official statement from the Ministry of Information
The problem is a broken system where "Official Facts" superseed actual analysis of information.

Every "fact" should be open to analysis and provide open access to its supporting documentation. And examination of that documentation should be encouraged. People should be educated to be very suspicious of any statement without open access to its supporting documentation. Instead general education encourages the rote acceptance of the official position.

Comment Could still insert the warning after the search (Score 2) 96

Google was warning people before they searched. Who reads the fine-print before starting these days.

What they could do, is on any search that used a keyword, make the warning the first result.

Example :Search Tuna:
1) Tuna is a trigger search word used by China to start investigations into users.
2) Tuna are a great food to eat

Comment Re:Wine (Score 1) 295

> they already account for Linux Installs by checking for wine being installed and wine3d

I don't know about that. I did a Steam survey about a year ago. It prompted me with the "Information to send to Valve". There was nothing about linux in what I saw when I pushed the send button.

Comment HSBC laundered money, execs lose/reduce bonuses (Score 5, Insightful) 346

Why does it seem there is one set of rules for the little people and another set for big business?

"HSBC executives brushed off complaints from other bank employees, so that the problems persisted for eight years, the report says.

In addition, some HSBC bank affiliates skirted U.S. government bans against financial transactions with Iran and other countries, according to the report. And HSBC’s U.S. division provided money and banking services to some banks in Saudi Arabia and Bangladesh believed to have helped fund Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups, the report said."

"The penalty includes a five-year agreement with the US department of justice under which the bank will install an independent monitor to assess reformed internal controls. The bank's top executives will defer part of their bonuses for the whole of the five-year period, while bonuses have been clawed back from a number of former and current executives, including those in the US directly involved at the time."

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