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Comment HSBC laundered money, execs lose/reduce bonuses (Score 5, Insightful) 346

Why does it seem there is one set of rules for the little people and another set for big business?

"HSBC executives brushed off complaints from other bank employees, so that the problems persisted for eight years, the report says.

In addition, some HSBC bank affiliates skirted U.S. government bans against financial transactions with Iran and other countries, according to the report. And HSBC’s U.S. division provided money and banking services to some banks in Saudi Arabia and Bangladesh believed to have helped fund Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups, the report said."

"The penalty includes a five-year agreement with the US department of justice under which the bank will install an independent monitor to assess reformed internal controls. The bank's top executives will defer part of their bonuses for the whole of the five-year period, while bonuses have been clawed back from a number of former and current executives, including those in the US directly involved at the time."

Comment Re:queue and charge for invalid takedown notices (Score 1) 196

1) someone other than the rights holder can request a takedown. They have to provide proof of delegation. All requests from a rights holder enter the same queue. They are not queued by delegated authority. If one delegated authority makes a bad request and does not pay then all other requests from that rights holder are queued. Make sure you delegate authority correctly and oversee their actions. Delegats acting wildly will cause a pain

2) All requests for take down must include a URL and quote of identifiable material found at that URL that can be matched with material claimed by the rights holder. The rights holder must provide cited title of the quoted material.

Respect is given to the rights of material creators and respect is given for the DMCA, but note that takedown actions causes a lot of work to make sure they are vaild. We can't afford to chase down false leads. If you provide a false lead you drop out of the time serviced and stay behind every other request that has not made a false request. If your request is not in the time serviced queue it will be in the resource queue which will be serviced after we have dealt with all items in the time service queue. If people keep giving us requests that go into the time serviced queue we may never get to the resource serviced queue.
Your request remains important to us but we only have limited resources and cannot afford to chase down false leads. Providing payment in recompense for the false lead will once again put your requests into the time serviced queue rather than the resource serviced queue. Payment provides us the resources to compensate for false leads.

Never provide a false lead and all your requests will be timely honoured.

Comment queue and charge for invalid takedown notices (Score 5, Insightful) 196

a) all takedown notices from a rights holder will be sequentially queued
b) right holder must provide complete history of ownership and demonstrate right to assert takedown
b) if item (N) is found to be an invalid take down request a fee of $ZZ,ZZZ must be paid
c) regardless of the validity of request (N+1) it will not be acted on until any fees requried for invalid requests (MN+1) have been paid

As long as the rights holders are making valid requests they get serviced. Mess around and they have to pay for the work done.

Comment why not record everything (Score 2) 342

I would help the cops more if the microphone was always on a complete recording of everything in ear shot of the phone was kept in storage for when it was needed. Seems silly, just wait for bandwidth and storage costs to drop a little more.

Whose phone is it? Who is paying for the service? Why does my phone have to serve the usage of the police? Why can't it do what I want, send and receive messages with no record?
Why is there the assumption that because it can be done it must be done? ((... "for the sake of the children"...))

Why can't we have devices that serve the user?

Comment Broken System (Score 4, Interesting) 858

The US electoral system runs on corporate money. Corporate money prefers politicians that can be manipulated. In some cases you get the direct results of the manipulation, in other cases you get the results because the politicians are not fact driven.

There is full bipartisanship on stupidity, and it is because the system is broken.

Comment Drive (Score 5, Insightful) 716

If you have drive you can succeed by yourself.

With high-school becoming a pat-on-the-back-thanks-for-showing-up affair college is what teaches people to knuckle under and get stuff done. If you need that lesson you need college.

Comment expect to be able to ... p-n diodes (Score 4, Informative) 64

That is like 1950's technology levels. A long time before they can make million gate devices.

There are many many problems associated with replicating sub-nanometer scale patterns on a ground flat substrate. If they don't have a planaer substrate they are going to have lots of problems creating the required imaging patterns. Note that at the current scales you can't print a | object as a simple | you have to make it look like an I, essentially doing what is called dog-boneing because of eteching and diffraction effects. And multiple parallel lines have big problems with diffraction effects.

So currently it seems without a substrate then can make ...... a single p- or n- type semiconuctor material that is unsuitable for anything else.

Comment Re:Intelligent life does not mess up their biosphe (Score 1) 211

>each life form so far changed

You missed the "intelligent" qualification.

We are killing ourselves with our own pollution. This is due to our success as an animal. Every non-intelligent animal suffers population collapses due to population rising above sustainable levels. We are about there.
We are killing ourselves with pollutants and "deskjobs" and plentiful food which is not what our bodies are adapted for.
We are not acting any more intelligent than rats or crows.

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