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Comment Britain/Northern Europe is Ocean regulated. (Score 3, Informative) 571

Britain/Northern Europe does not owe its climate status to spot heating. Britain is usually warmer than it should be given its northern position due to the gulf stream. The oceans serve as blocks to cold air from up north coming south. There are incredible global circulation systems which see warm air rise in the mid-latitudes tot he upper atmosphere then cool and return to the ground at the poles. This is the cause of the cold winds that come down from the north. These winds find it easier to come south over land, which cools more easily than water which retains heat better, has its own top/bottom circulation as well as global circulation. Normally the warm currents keep the cold air away.

Global Warming means global warming. The oceans make 3/4 of the surface area to 4' cooling of the land is easily offset by 2' warming of the ocean. 4 * 1/4 = 1 is less than 2 * 3/4 = 1.5. Do not take any specific location changes to mean global stuff.

What global warming does mean is more intense weather systems. Do not go jumping onto local cooling/warming like Europes/US east coast and claim it is getting colder. You need to look at the whole globe. Not just the areas man is in.

Comment The Emporer Has No Clothes (Score 1) 669

If we could call foreign leaders openly on corruption and wrong doing we would all be better off. Unfortunately we have problems with being open, it seems it would affect business to call some foreign leaders corrupt or even suggest that the state sponsors terrorism. We live behind the curtains of our own creation.

Comment Re:Octave - the math tool (Score 1) 709

Here is your introductory sort lesson, complete with graphs

octave-3.2.3:18> x=rand(100,1)*100;
octave-3.2.3:19> size(x)
ans =

      100 1

octave-3.2.3:20> plot(x); % see we have 100 values, all from 0 to 100 in a random order
octave-3.2.3:21> for j=1:99; for i=j+1:100; if x(i) plot(x); % see we now have 100 values in a nondecreasing order

Comment Octave - the math tool (Score 1) 709

Granted most will not think of it as a programming environment. But it has all that is needed.

If then, else for ....

It has all the fundamentals.
It allows you to plot all those high school math functions.
It has a persistent environment/cut-and-paste commands for debugging and looking at your state space.

And it is free to all, so great for the education system.

Comment simple rules of first programming languages (Score 1) 709

1) no type declarations
      - it gets in the way of learning how to do stuff
2) interactive command line
      - you need to be able to see the variables and change them
      - edit run debug is part of the learning process we don't want them separated yet
3) persistent environment
      - being able to interact with the variable and program set is part of the learning process

Suitable base types: basic, logo, lisp, matlab/octave

I would really suggest Matlab/Octave for high school math.

For those that hate basic because of the lack of structure, use COMAL. Similar substitutions may be made for the other languages.

(smash (1351))
>> Problem with programming these days is that to get anything useful done you're buried under a hundred layers of toolkits and abstraction from what is actually going on.

Comment Re:I would have gone with "interfering with comput (Score 1) 143

"Glider itself doesn't send or receive any data across the network, only the client does and that traffic is no different in nature or content than what could be generated by a human accessing the game client."

The same could be said of using ssh to connect to a server, it is no different in nature or content from what a human could send.
Yet if you used the ssh connection and a client side script to cause the server to send lots of spam that would be improper use of the connection.

It is not the connection nor the data stream, it is the entire interlocked system that is meant to be used for a specific purpose and in a specific way. The data stream between client and server is to be driven by a human in at the client controls. Fudging with the client end generates out of specification traffic for the system and represents a violation of the terms of access given to the account holder. The account access is authorized to only operate the client with human hands. The account access is not authorized to stick glider in control.

Also when we are given accounts on systems we are not authorized to "do anything" we are authorized to only do specific things. There are many things we could do which would mess up the system. These things are considered sabotage of the system.

sudo rm -rf /

# This script is called "die"
die &
die &
die &
die &

Comment I would have gone with "interfering with computer" (Score 3, Interesting) 143

As Blizzard I would have gone with a case about improper access and interfering with the operation of computer system. The game clients are authorized to access and interact with the servers, the bots are an unauthorized access mechanism to the game servers. Simple plain and shut and clearly puts the bot runners in with the people that do destructive access to systems.

-- and not enough characters to put "with a computer" in the title :(

Comment Would you buy a machine with this in ? (Score 4, Insightful) 399

This to me says it will push foreign governments to non-intel machines. Can't risk the US government getting control of something like this.
Or any other power for that matter. No government or military would really want this on their systems. They might think they want it to "stop theft" but the consequences of someone else getting control are way to much.

Comment Where is the budget for the Congress itself ? (Score 1) 760

Can some enterprising person divide up the budget of the House of Congress itself onto a YouCut type site.
I am sure some people would like less brass in the new bathrooms.
Or perhaps cuts to "fact finding" missions.
Maybe we could do with fewer congress critters. Save lots of $ there.

-- Or perhaps the salaries could be cut --
In 2006, congresspersons received a yearly salary of $165,200.[173] Congressional leaders were paid $183,500 per year. The Speaker of the House of Representatives earns $212,100 annually. The salary of the President pro tempore for 2006 was $183,500, equal to that of the majority and minority leaders of the House and Senate.[174] Privileges include having an office and paid staff.[122] In 2008, non-officer members of Congress earned $169,300 annually

Comment AKA the "I have something to hide list" (Score 3, Interesting) 173

I suspect this list would also be used be used by various agencies to flag people who are engaged in "undesireable" activity. "Only those with something to hide will be using the Do Not Track" feature.


This all at the same time that they are requiring ISP's to keep 2 year records of IP logs.

So how does this new "Do Not Track" bill merge with the other bill. I presume that everyone will just sign up under the 2 year bill and say "we need to keep records" and are thus exempt from the DoNotTrack feature.

The Internet Stopping Adults Facilitating the Exploitation of Today's Youth (SAFETY) Act of 2009 also known as H.R. 1076 and S.436 would require providers of "electronic communication or remote computing services" to "retain for a period of at least two years all records or other information pertaining to the identity of a user of a temporarily assigned network address the service assigns to that user."[22]

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